Publications and Surveys

CIO100 East Africa Mega Trends Report


5th Annual PwC/CIO - CIO100 Survey: Measuring Enterprise Innovation Staying ahead of both market and internal disruption requires embracing a digital enterprise. These investments are made primarily for competitive advantage.

PwC Kenya Transparency Report 2015


Transparency Report is published in accordance with Article 40(1) and 45 (5(e) of the Directive on Statutory Audit 2006/43/EC issued by The European Parliament and The Council of the European Union. The Report is for financial year ended 30 June 2015

PwC Kenya Financial Focus


PwC Kenya Financial Focus

Kenya Private Company Survey


PwC Kenya surveyed private company and family business owners to share insight about management and challenges.

The Africa Government and Public Services Insight Journal


PwC public sector practitioners describe best practices and future-focused service delivery in Africa. Publication produced by PwC Africa.PwC public sector practitioners describe best practices and future-focused service delivery in Africa. Publication produced by PwC Africa.

Tax Alert June 2014


A complete rewrite of the Ninth Schedule the Schedule is contained in the 2014 Finance Bill that has now been published. All players in upstream and midstream oil and gas subsector have been impacted by the revamped Schedule to the Income TaxAct. Changes to the Schedule also impact stakeholders in the mining and geothermal subsectors.

Tax Matters - June 2014


The Kenyan tax legislation has an array of tax incentives that are meant to attract investments. One of the tax incentives that is provided for under the Income Tax Act is the ability to claim the full cost of machinery and hotel building certifi ed as an industrial building as investment deduction against taxable income.

Spot on magazine


What factors drive decision-making among manufacturers, agribusiness executives and services CEOs? Our journal explores the topics that matter to you and your business.

East Africa Tax Guide 2013/2014


The future of the East African Community (EAC) is on course after the operationalisation of the EA Common Markets in July 2010. The move is expected to boost trade and movement of factors of production across the EAC region. The Double Tax Treaty between Uganda,Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Burundi will be implemented after every country ratifi es the treaty.

Kenyan entertainment and media outlook: 2013 – 2017


The Kenyan entertainment and media outlook: 2013 – 2017 examines how shifts in consumer and advertising spending are shaping trends in the entertainment and media industry at macro and individual segment levels and how consumers, advertisers, content creators and digital distributors are responding and gearing up to face both the opportunities and the challenges ahead.