Audit & Assurance

PwC professionals provide a broad range of Audit and Business Advisory Services to:

  • manage business, financial and controls risk;
  • enhance financial management; assist with corporate transactions;
  • assist with corporate transactions;
  • enhance shareholder value and improve competitiveness;
  • help clients plan for legislation and regulations that may affect their operations; and
  • provide attest and attest-related services.

Audit and Assurance
Audit services are an important element of our Bermuda practice. Our Audit and Assurance group is divided into specialized industry service teams meeting the needs of our local and international (exempted) company clients. Our Bermuda client base is, we believe, unparalleled. Our exempted company clients vary from small captive insurers to multi-billion dollar, multinational insurance companies headquartered in Bermuda, from small investment funds to large corporate holding companies. Locally, we have a strong presence, auditing more than half of the local companies listed on the Bermuda Stock Exchange.

In addition to various attest services, our audit professionals provide advice on accounting issues, SEC reporting, merger and acquisition due diligence and a range of other matters.

Accounting Services
Our Accounting Services Group provides various levels of accounting services to small and medium-sized local and international clients who wish us to maintain their day-to-day records and prepare periodic unaudited financial statements. Our experienced team of accountants offers an efficient value-added service which can range from preparing financial statements to fully outsourcing accounting and payroll services.