Great expectations

The rise of the next-generation Cebu business leaders

A Cebu CEO survey

PwC has been running the Philippine CEO Survey for three years now and in 2017, as part of our Reimagining VisMin initiatives (, we conducted our first survey of the next generation Cebu business leaders. We asked them about their personal ambitions, their plans for the future of their business, and the unique challenge of carrying the mantle of being the next Cebuano tycoons.

The survey identified several thought provoking themes that are on top of the next-generation Cebu business leaders’ agenda such as their vision of a new Cebu, which they hope to help shape.

There are also interesting views on innovation and strategy for longevity.

Aside from the survey findings, we have rich insights from in-depth interviews with business veterans and tech-savvy young upstarts, which we hope will help the next-generation business leaders realize their ambitions and make
their “great expectations” a reality.

This survey is a collaboration of the Cebu Chamber of Commerce and Industry and PwC Philippines. 

108 CEOs

96 survey respondents, 12 face-to-face interviews


Believe that focus should be on the collaboration between the private and public sectors


confirm that the most important challenge is the need to continuously innovate

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