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Founded by Henry James Sison in 2019, AgroDigital PH aims to modernize the agricultural industry in the Philippines by supporting local farmers through digital solutions. The Company provides a platform for farmers to sell their produce directly to consumers and food businesses, cutting out middlemen and reducing costs. Additionally, AgroDigital provides direct access to the market, and adopts fixed price and term contracts for farmers. Through their solutions AgroDigital PH increases farmers' revenues and allows consumers to enjoy better prices.

Founded in 2020 by Nikki Sombero and Enzo Marfal, Angkat PH provides business solutions to clients who want to scale their businesses and simplify the importation process through strong service channels and an easy on-boarding process. Angkat PH has a vision of becoming the leading gateway for international forwarding solutions in the Philippines and Southeast Asia through providing cutting edge forwarding services and a seamless importation experience. The Company’s services include importing via sea and air freight delivery and RMB (renminbi) payment services.

CareSpan Asia is an integrated digital healthcare platform that combines telemedicine, electronic medical records, and remote patient monitoring devices to improve patient outcomes and provide access to medical services for underserved communities. With a vision of transforming the patient experience, the Company has built a wide ecosystem of partners in the Philippine healthcare system, including major hospitals, HMOs, and NGOs. Likewise, the Company has since begun rolling out telemedicine services to several sectors. Currently, A. B. Colayco serves as the Chairman of CareSpan Asia with Dan Reyes operating as CEO.

ChatGenie was launched by Ragde Falcis and Nico Nicomedes in 2020. With the Company’s lasting effect on consumer behavior and business, the founders took the opportunity to build a platform which assists businesses in assembling and managing their online stores without prior coding experience or the need to install multiple applications. ChatGenie is a multi-channel and In-App Commerce platform that focuses on helping businesses with their e-commerce needs. The Company’s services include enabling clients to monitor multiple online stores through just one dashboard (through its Multi-Store and Multi-Brand Bundle) and allowing customers to make contactless purchases through their In-Store Commerce service.

Cognitive AI, Inc. is a technology company founded by Gerry Amisola that specializes in AI solutions to help companies improve their decision-making capabilities and ‘turn data into revenue’. Some of Cognitive AI’s services include utilizing social media platforms such as Facebook Messenger as a channel for acquiring consumer data and transforming them into actionable recommendations in minutes through the company’s patented AI engine. Through their advanced systems, allows companies to access consumer data on a single platform, reach millions of customers and create connections through smart and relevant offers, and gain competitive insights, among others.

1Export Trade and Services is an e-commerce platform that aims to help MSMEs enter,  and grow in the global market. Founded in 2016 by Anna Melissa Nava, 1Export is a one-stop-shop for entrepreneurs who wish to go global. The Company accomplished this by offering a comprehensive range of services from export compliance (labeling, documentation, etc.), sales (1Export boasts its wide connection with distributors, retailers, and resellers worldwide), end-to-end logistics facilitation, to marketing (rebranding, packaging design, and promotions). 1Export guarantees flexible payment terms to its customers to help entrepreneurs and small businesses manage their cash flow as they begin establishing themselves in the global marketplace.

Co-founders Josef Werker and Nina Mirabueno Opida established Humble Sustainability in 2021 with the ambition to help businesses transform their unsaleable inventories into valuable resources, reduce waste, and help in enabling a more sustainable future. To achieve this, Humble Sustainability utilizes and integrates the concept of circular economy into their business model. Humble works with companies by dealing with their unused inventory that would otherwise be discarded and turned into waste. These products then go through rehabilitation/restoration and are either sold on Thrift by Humble, the company’s own circular living e-commerce store, or goes to B2B recyclers, resellers and upcyclers.

KargaX is the first inter-region and inter-island delivery and cargo service in the Philippines. Its web and mobile application connects businesses with truckers nationwide. KargaX’s goal is to reduce domestic shipping costs and greenhouse gas emissions by eliminating empty miles. KargaX tries to achieve this through the optimization of the logistics process from pricing to management. KargaX ensures that the truckers are licensed and duly accredited, connects clients with truckers that best match their needs, and allows customers to manage their shipments and track the delivery. KargaX was founded in 2021 by Kris Montebon.

Lighthouse Educational and Consultancy Services is an education service provider that helps schools and universities with their program offering online. It is an all-in-one digital campus that partners with small to medium educational institutions to automate its business processes, including the posting and updating of course offerings and managing the schools’ virtual classrooms. Lighthouse offers a suite of education services for schools and universities, and handles marketing, recruitment, course development, and student support on their behalf. Lighthouse ensures that the company’s team of experts with extensive experience in educational planning will help schools in developing a model that supports their goals and vision.

Founded in 2016 by Amiel Zosimo Herrera, MedCheck is a clinical data analytics company, specializing in Non-Communicable Diseases. They provide physicians and data contributors with cloud-based, cutting-edge software. They also partner with medical organizations, NGOs, government offices, pharmaceuticals, and biotech organizations who help sponsor innovative programs aimed towards improving the healthcare ecosystem in emerging markets. Their technology aggregates key insights on clinical data to guide decision-making for both public and private sectors healthcare industries.

Founded in 2016 by Brett Doyle, Mosaic is a full-suite solutions provider for data analytics, point of sale, purchasing and inventory management for the food and beverage, hospitality and retail sectors in Southeast Asia. The Company is a provider of cloud-based software that streamlines business operations and provides data analytics to help clients make decisions and maximize profits.

NextPay is a fintech startup founded in 2019 by Don Pansacola, Artie Lopez and Aldrich Tan. The Company looks to aid MSMEs by automating the collecting, sending, and managing of money in one platform. To accomplish their goals, NextPay provides easy-to-use financial services void of high fees and stiff barriers to entry. As of 2023, over 3,000 Filipino entrepreneurs have trusted NextPay to help them simplify their financial operations.

Plentina, founded in 2019 by Kevin Gabayan and Earl Martin Valencia, is a fintech startup that aspires to facilitate and expedite access to credit in emerging markets such as the Philippines. Their flagship product, the Plentina mobile application, offers a wide range of financial services, such as microloans and credit lines. Through the application, clients can shop for products and services from the company’s partner merchants and pay through installments with a reasonable service charge. The application allows customers to build credit history and grow their credit limits over time. Plentina’s partners include 7-Eleven and Smart Communications, as well as E-commerce companies such as Shopee, Lazada, and Zalora, among others.

Waste4Good, a social enterprise dedicated to solving the world’s waste problem and advocates for food sustainability. The Company was founded in 2021 by Lorilyn P. Daquioag, with the tagline “Turning Your Waste Into Something Good.” To fulfill their mission, the Company offers earth-friendly and sustainably made product alternatives. One of the company’s notable projects include pivoting from Solar-powered & Automatic Bin into Waste4Good Planting Kit with the Compost Activator Solution (CAS) to mitigate bio-waste issues. As the planting kit reinforces urban farming and sustainable food growing, the Company’s products are portable, scalable, usable, and affordable solutions to multiple food insecurity and environmental issues.

Xamun (QuickReach Inc.), founded in 2010 and headed by President & CEO Arup Maity and CFO/COO Tess Villaluna, is a software development company that utilizes AI to power its software development process. Given the difficulty and risks of developing a software from scratch, Xamun helps startups and companies develop fully-functional, market-ready, and high quality cloud-native software. The Company offers a no-code/low-code alternative to software development with more customization, and source code ownership with no recurring subscription fees.

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