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M&A Challenge 2022

The competition is on!

M&A Challenge

PwC Philippines welcomes you to the 7th M&A Challenge this 2022!

We are thrilled to bring you the country’s pioneer M&A-focused business case competition for college/university students in the Philippines!

Technology has progressed rapidly in recent years; affecting how companies do business. While some have adapted early on, several others have accelerated their digital transformation and innovation due to the pandemic as more consumers went digital. With the adoption of technological developments such as artificial intelligence, the metaverse, and cloud computing, among others, a number of tech startups have emerged and gained more traction. The M&A challenge focuses on becoming a platform for college and university students to exercise and expand their skills in solving real-world business challenges amidst digitalization of business models across industries.

The 7th M&A Challenge is open to students in their 3rd to final year of college, who are up to compete and learn alongside other students nationwide as they complete a series of assignments designed to test their business skills and knowledge. It is a chance to build on an M&A case, examine a hypothetical deal transaction, and provide value-adding insights on how technological advancements and disruptions play an important part on companies to deliver sustained business outcomes.

This year's challenge

As PwC adapts to The New Equation, a new global strategy which advocates a future that is human-led and tech-powered, continuous efforts are done to help clients ride the technological waves to remain competitive. As such, participants of the 7th M&A challenge will be tasked to help a publicly-listed Philippine company strengthen digitalization in their business by forming a Venture Capital arm for incubation of investments that could help address potential disruptions, or enhance its current and future business model/s. Participants will be assigned to help the client identify a tech startup whose innovation efforts will greatly benefit their company through enhancing its own digital transformation or offering new products or services. They will also assess both risks and opportunities for the client in acquiring a stake or entering a joint venture in the target they identified.

A panel of judges will evaluate each team’s knowledge on different business concepts in accounting, emerging technologies, economics, tax, due diligence, valuations, regulations, and corporate finance as well as their soft skills and business acumen (i.e. presentations, public speaking, and critical thinking).

The competition

The competition will have two rounds - the Preliminary round which will be done virtually and Final round which will be done physically.

Each round will require different technical and soft skill sets in coming up with solutions to issues and challenges that may arise during an M&A transaction.

Teams will be provided sufficient time to work on the requirements of the case for each round. In the final round, finalists will have the opportunity to present their case and/or recommendations to a panel of leading professionals.

The rewards

Winning teams will be awarded with cash prizes and guaranteed internship opportunities with PwC Philippines’ Deals and Corporate Finance Department in 2023.

Students and faculty members also have the opportunity to attend a series of webinars called “The Dealmaker Seminar Series”, which will focus on public speaking and presentation skills, due diligence, accounting and tax considerations in business combinations, and introduction to valuations. These are designed to help with concepts that can be applied during the course of the competition.


The competition offers business students from universities and colleges nationwide a unique opportunity to gain hands-on experience on a hypothetical M&A case.

The students will gain a better understanding of the mergers and acquisitions process by providing advice on possible value-enhancing transactions to further grow the client’s business and understand the risks and opportunities due to the current business and economic environment, coupled with the potential disruptions from the next wave of advanced technologies.

The students will present their final case physically to experienced PwC professionals and other business community leaders. The winning teams will be awarded with cash prizes and guaranteed internship opportunities.

Joining details

  • Each participant must be enrolled in a university or college in the Philippines;
  • Team members must all be from the same university;
  • At least third year in college, from any business-related course;
  • Each student is only allowed to join one team;
  • Each team shall have a maximum of 4 members and a coach.

Preliminary Round

  • Confirmed participants shall be the teams who have signed up and will submit their work online.
  • PwC will pre-identify the hypothetical client (publicly-listed Philippine company) and the teams will have to select their own target that meets the investment criteria of the client.
  • Teams must prepare an analysis of the market, industry, and risks related to the listed company and identified target company, including their operational and financial situation, and how the identified emerging technologies can enhance or change the business of the client. Research and analyses will be limited to publicly available information.
  • Review of the proposed transaction for the following:
    • Opportunities and challenges arising from the use of emerging technologies, and given the current business and economic environment;
    • How the transaction will affect the client’s overall business performance, including potential synergies between the client and the target in terms of reimagining the client’s current and future business model/s.

Final Round

  • Six (6) final round teams will be selected from the Preliminary Round, based on prescribed criteria to be provided along with the Preliminary case data pack;
  • A university or college is only allowed one team in the final round;
  • Teams must prepare a business case showcasing the background of the Client’s market and industry from the Preliminary Round as well as the risks identified, transaction analysis, potential costs and benefits of using the emerging technologies, and valuation of the upside from incorporating emerging technologies in its business model. This is to be proposed to a set of judges;
  • Determine a reasonable investment price range and areas for negotiation.

Cash prizes

  • First place earns the winning team PHP100,000 plus PHP25,000 to the college/university, trophy, and internship opportunity with PwC Philippines’ Deals and Corporate Finance Department in 2023.
  • Second place: PHP50,000 to the team plus PHP15,000 to the college/university, and trophy.
  • Third place: PHP25,000 to the team plus PHP10,000 to the college/university, and trophy.
  • The other three (3) finalists will get PHP10,000 each.

PwC Philippines takes no responsibility for the cash prize once the cash has been deposited.


Terms and conditions

  • By participating in the competition conducted by PwC Philippines (“the Competition”), you (“the Participant”) agree to the terms and conditions below which are subject to change by PwC Philippines at any time without prior notice.
  • Registration for the Competition is open only to currently enrolled undergraduate students who are at least in the third year of their degree course from universities in the Philippines. Teams can consist of 3 to 4 students from the same university.
  • All registrations must be made online in the ‘Register the team’ tab before 07 October 2022, 11:59pm Philippine Standard Time (PST).
  • To qualify for the Preliminary Round, your team must have completed the tasks and have submitted your entries to PwC Philippines by 02 November 2022, 11:59pm Philippine Standard Time (PST) through email at PwC Philippines will contact only those successful in the Preliminary Round regarding the procedures and other details for the Final Round.
  • Six (6) teams from the Preliminary Round will be selected to advance to the Final Round. In the Final Round, your team must complete the tasks and submit them to PwC Philippines before 02 December 2022, 11:59pm Philippine Standard Time (PST) through email to
  • The judging panel for the Preliminary Round will comprise of PwC Professionals. For the Final Round, the judging will be composed of Partners from PwC Philippines as well as industry experts and business entrepreneurs. Judging will be made according to team performance and merit. Decisions made by the judging panel will be final and cannot be appealed.
  • The Final Presentation and Awarding Ceremony shall be conducted physically and in compliance with health and safety protocols. Further details on the full program will be announced during the Final Round period.
  • Winners from the Final Round will be proclaimed on the day of the Final Round itself.
  • Members of the First Prize (or the winning team) will be invited to pursue an internship with PwC Philippines.
  • PwC Philippines takes no responsibility for any injury, loss or damage incurred by competitors whilst participating in the Competition, whether it be negligence from PwC Philippines, the participating university, or otherwise. Competitors agree that PwC Philippines will not be liable for any liability, claim, or damage suffered by the competitors as a result of or in connection with their participation in the Competition.

Register your team

Ready to demonstrate your skills and learn from esteemed professionals?

Registration period is from 19 September to 07 October 2022. Information provided during registration will be confirmed with the respective universities to determine eligibility to the competition.

The Preliminary Round case as well as other competition details will be provided to registered participants at the end of the registration period.

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