Entertainment & Media Outlook in Italy

2017 - 2021



Understanding the movement of investments within the Entertainment and Media sector can provide important information for business decisions.

Being able to compare the different segments, while gaining an international perspective on these segments offers a competitive advantage.






Executive summary

Today, there are no standard business models, Entertainment and Media (E&M) companies are facing a big transformation in terms of technology and particularly in the “digital world”. Growing into a digital future is the result of the 20th CEO Survey conducted by PwC involving Italian CEOs.

Over the past two decades E&M CEOs have witnessed tremendous transformation – primarily driven by globalization and technological evolution.

As the Technology, Media, and Telecommunications (TMT) sector continues to evolve, E&M CEOs are focusing on growing their business acquisitions, partnerships and expansion of core capabilities. As they pursue revenue opportunities, today’s business leaders also must address potential risks brought on by these same globalization trends and technological advances. Most importantly, CEOs must prepare their organizations for a more complex future where consumers are even more at the center of the business.

Global E&M CEOs understand the near-term benefits of business transformation, but they also must consider the long-term impact to their business. E&M leaders have grown far more concerned with changing consumer behavior. The availability of key skills and volatile energy costs are the second and third top threats among E&M CEOs.


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Top 5 concerns for Entertainment and Media CEOs


Base: All respondents (Entertainment and media, 2017, 95 CEOs interviewed in 35 countries). Respondents who stated “Somewhat Concerned”










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