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Indirect Taxes

Indirect tax covers a variety of taxes such as VAT, customs and excise duties, insurance premium taxes, environmental taxes, gaming duties and stamp duty. These taxes are ruled by complex regulations and are often changing.

VAT is a transaction based tax and is levied on supplies of goods and services. Globally, approximately 136 countries operate some form of VAT or GST and there are considerable differences on how this taxation is applied from country to country

An ever increasing focus on tax compliance and structuring in the Isle of Man reinforces the need for structuring to be both technically robust and properly implemented.

As economies and tax systems continue to become more global and complex, getting it right and minimizing risk are as crucial as ever.

How we can help?

  • In the Isle of Man, the principle indirect taxes are VAT, customs and excise duties and gaming duties and we can help with all of these.

  • For organisations looking to manage and mitigate their indirect taxes, we can provide a range of innovative solutions drawing both from our understanding of local issues as well as from one of the largest indirect taxes teams internationally. We offer a proactive approach to understand your needs in all aspects of VAT compliance and structuring.

  • By successfully managing your indirect tax requirements, we can work with you to minimise the indirect tax cost, maintain management control over compliance processes, ensure group efficiencies and  maximise commercial opportunities.

  • We can provide you with relevant advice on all aspects of the indirect tax compliance process through to specific planning structures and post implementation reviews that give you peace of mind.

  • We offer a practical approach throughout the planning and operational process to ensure that planning meets your practical requirements, can stand up to scrutiny and give you the certainty you want.

  • In addition, as part of the global PwC network, with approximately 2,000 VAT specialists in 150 countries, we are perfectly positioned to address any issues you may face, whether at a global or domestic level. Also, through our online global VAT knowledge database "Global VAT Online" you can keep up-to-date with developments in VAT and GST in over 70 countries.

VAT & Indirect Taxes
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