Technology Enabled Audit

Our technology enabled audit offers a perfect blend of people and technology.

Technology bringing innovation to the audit

Innovation is imperative to managing the complexities of a business and being successful in any given environment. Our technology enabled audit offers a perfect blend of people and technology. Delivering high quality and deeper insights to our clients, along with saving time.

At PwC we continue to invest in the suite of tools that support the PwC Audit with our suite of technologies –Aura, Halo, Connect and Extract, we are driving audit innovation with technology at its heart. The ability to merge market-leading technology with the skills of our people and a robust audit approach is now central to our global audit strategy and delivery. It is the fusion of these three elements that defines our value and drives the audit. The result is quality, efficiency, and insight, delivered in equal measure.


Driving quality and consistency through a risk-based approach

Aura, our global audit platform, is used by our nearly 100,000 auditors worldwide on every PwC audit. It helps to make sure that things are done the right way - consistently and efficiently, globally and locally. The intended result is all of the elements of our audit fit together seamlessly - no duplications, no omissions. Aura offers consistency and quality of audit delivery across our entire client base.

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PwC's cloud-based Aura platform - used on every PwC audit across the globe - serves as our audit ERP where we build and execute the audit plan. All right-sized for our clients' businesses.


Understanding your business and gaining deeper insights

Halo is PwC’s leading-edge technology for data extraction, auditing and visualisation. It is transforming the way we audit and unlocking a wealth of information, providing deeper real-time insight from data and allowing us more visibility into your business.

Large volumes of transactions can be interrogated and analysed. This helps us more efficiently and effectively assess risk and focus on items of significance to the audit. Halo enables a greater understanding of your business to enhance audit quality.

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Our Halo data auditing tools test huge volumes of data, analyzing whole populations to improve risk assessment, analysis and testing, and unlock a wealth of insight.


Connecting people in real time

Connect is our collaborative workflow tool, providing faster, more efficient and secure information sharing at each stage of the audit. It streamlines and monitors the document exchange process on a real-time basis. It allows both you and us to check progress anytime, anywhere.

Access wherever you are, for improved visibility into real-time request statuses, built-in tracking to help drive accountability, and much more. Connect is available for clients, small or large.

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PwC's Connect is where your team and ours can be in touch 24/7 with real-time status updates - even from phones. It's a one-stop for everything audit, wherever you are in the world.


Securely extract and transfer your data

Our suite of extraction tools standardises the way we communicate data requests and how we securely extract and transfer your data. We can extract large volumes of data with limited impact on your systems, eliminating the need for repeated, manual intervention through the data extraction process.

Your data will be encrypted and compressed during the extraction and transfer process providing end-to-end protection of your data and an overall more efficient data acquisition process.

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Key to delivering an audit that’s smart and streamlined, PwC’s Extract suite lets us efficiently and securely ingest client data, saving time. The Extract suite is flexible, with an array of tools that work with any system—whether standard ERP or homegrown.

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