Workforce Transformation

Embrace change and empower people so you can prepare for tomorrow’s workforce, today.

Strategic planning for the future of work

Leadership style, ways of working, organizational structures and skills. While they may be different for every organization, changing times and new expectations are common for everyone. Our team works across industries and capabilities to help you establish a strategy that addresses the realities of your business. Whether you want to improve the performance of your workforce, develop and redeploy talent around your business, or mitigate the risks of mergers and acquisitions, we provide the advice and support you need. With solutions that focus on your unique workplace and your employees, we can help you build on your people’s strengths, fuel collective insight and performance, and build towards a future that works for your business​.

Together, we can see beyond change

A ‘New world’ is emerging

  • A series of crises has significantly added to the pressure on productivity that organisations were already facing. It has rapidly accelerated the need for digital transformation and created immediate and large-scale workforce challenges.
  • With significant investments tied up in large complex transformational programmes, delivering change in a meaningful manner that ensures the ROI targets are achieved is becoming priority number one.
  • While an acceleration of the “rebalancing” of the labour market is getting CEOs increasingly worried about the availability of skills. And a lack of people with the right skills and the right cultural fit will hamper their ability to thrive in a post-pandemic economy.

The future isn’t a fixed destination

  • Organisations now have to look at the balance of cost and organizational resilience. And as the business plan and workforce strategy are rapidly evolving, the c-suite must address issues of productivity and transformation at the same time.
  • There is however no silver bullet and CEOs need to plan for a dynamic rather than a static future. And with the need to transform at speed, the next generation change is all about creating outcomes that last, taking on a human-centred approach.
  • Making a set of ‘no regrets’ moves that work with most scenarios is a must. And at the same time making some ‘bets’ along the way around their organisational design, workforce strategy and ways of working has the potential to alter their growth trajectory as well.

Our areas of expertise and focus

We have a combination of strategic advisors for the c-suite, combined with the hands-on implementation experience to help you unlock the full potential of your business, in a human-led tech-powered future.


Align your workforce with your enterprise-wide performance objectives to deliver against your business strategy.

We help organisations redesign their structures, linking business targets to people’s performance, formulating their workforce growth plans, focusing on improving their ROI on organizations' most valuable asset; its people.


Everyone should be able to live, learn, work and participate in the digital world.

Organisations are transforming their workforces to drive productivity, innovation and growth. It’s all about anticipating and building the right skills for the future, laying the cultural and social foundation in a measurable manner. We help you unleash the learning potential of your organization to be resilient and adaptive to a human-led, tech-powered future.


The ‘social’ or ‘S’ elements of ESG are rising in prominence, having played a secondary role to environmental and governance factors for some time.

As a combination of changing consumer preferences, employee attitudes and emerging regulation prompts firms to increase their focus on social issues, more businesses are realising that social issues should be an integral component of their sustainability efforts.

We help you navigate both regulatory and business challenges to define a clear path for weaving the 'social' elements of your workforce into your execution strategy and plans.


A coherent, well-managed culture can be a powerful asset.

The success of any transformation effort can depend on how leaders engage and use the strengths of their organisations' culture. We surface insights on dominant culture traits, so that leaders can identify 'The Critical Few' behaviors that help drive cultural alignment with business outcomes and employee experience.


Unlocking your organization’s unique strengths by empowering people to anticipate, shape and accelerate change to make a difference that matters.

Our approach is anchored in the concept that every team member is a change agent, every solution is designed to optimize adoption while meeting the business goal.

We bring together teams, individuals, and diverse perspectives and create meaningful experiences that enable new connections, relationships, and ways of working that last after the programme has been completed, delivering adoption - the only true measure of success for any programme.


Better understand your workforce, rethinking how you bring an agile mindset to the mainstream, mastering the benefits of digital labour.

We support you in developing a clear baseline of the activities your people engage in each day, supported by quantitative data, identifying areas of focus and helping you along the way to drive productivity across teams as hybrid ways of working become the new normal.

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Workforce diagnostic

Do you have the workforce strategy you need for tomorrow?

Evaluate your maturity, see how you compare against others and understand what actions you should take.

Take our diagnostic now!

PwC Alliances and Ecosystems

PwC has strong alliances that can better serve your needs. Whatever your focus - more impactful upskilling programmes, workforce transformation, faster adoption of change programmes or greater innovation - our expertise combined with our Alliance partners’ tools can help transform your business.

Technology Aliances

Selection of PwC Digital Assets

Digital Twin

Rapidly identify organisation elements that hinder or enable strategy execution, and provides solutions for improvement

Rapidly identify organisation elements that hinder or enable strategy execution and provides solutions for improvement.

Digital Twin captures a virtual model of an organisation and helps accelerate strategy. The model can identify elements that are hindering or enabling strategy execution and suggests specific recommendations based on embedded pattern recognition. Digital Twin leverages PwC global experience to collect more dots and connect them faster so you can drive to better solutions with more confidence.

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PwC  Digital Twins


Plan for your workforce now and tomorrow, and empower your people with the digital skills needed to drive growth and efficiency. With an end-to-end digital upskilling platform, you can build a culture of continuous learning that can improve individual and collective digital skills that benefit your entire organization. Identify skill gaps and create and execute a plan to close them that aligns with your strategic goals.

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PwC ProEdge

Skills Expander

Keep the pace and invest in the skills of the future

It allows for the strategising, assessing, guiding and training of employees of companies of all sizes whose activities are transforming towards a new organisation, new functions and new jobs. Our solution is highly innovative, tackling the challenging match of job transformation at company, employee and market level.

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Change Navigator

PwC Change Navigator

PwC’s Change Navigator is a digital workbench that lets change teams analyze your organization's change environment holistically. 


You will be in a position to drive more effective change with powerful data collection tools & digitized organizational assessments that produce data-driven stakeholder-level insights. Change Navigator can help you assess impacted stakeholder groups, identify roll-out obstacles, create comprehensive change plans, and track the impact of change activities.

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Automated Strategic Tool for Resource Optimisation (ASTRO) is an interactive and configurable workforce planning digital tool that aims to empower organisations with their workforce strategy and execution needs.

It is built around three planning modules (workforce demand and supply, average FTE cost and location) and supports a range of reporting capabilities (e.g. KPIs, graphs, tables, etc.) that provide useful insights in real-time. ASTRO is a solution that can be customised to an organisation’s specific needs, enabled by the power of our Data & Analytics team.

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