Customer information

This section is only applicable to customers of FTX Digital Markets Ltd (In Provisional Liquidation) and not to customers of any other FTX company.

Since their appointment by the Supreme Court, the JPLs have been reviewing the financial position of FTX Digital, investigating the causes of the collapse of FTX globally and its impact on FTX Digital, seeking to identify and secure assets, and investigating all paths available to the Ccompany with a view to realising the maximum possible value for all stakeholders. This work is ongoing

At this time, customer withdrawals will continue to be suspended as the JPLs continue this review. Individual customer recoveries will depend upon the assets located by the JPLs and total claims received from customers.

Customers should submit a claim via a creditor portal which can be accessed at, in order to identify themselves as a customer of the Company to the JPLs and communicate their potential claims.

We expect a high volume of claim submissions from FTX Digital customers over the coming days and months. Following this review, further information will be posted on this website, detailing next steps and updating on the strategy of the JPLs.

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