The audit is key to sustaining confidence in both your company and the financial system at large. It must keep pace with a fast-evolving corporate reporting environment – one characterised by investor scepticism and the 24/7 scrutiny of corporate information, including nonfinancial information.

Around the world, auditors in PwC member firms use a single audit methodology. Our relentless focus on quality, independence, transparency and advanced methodology helps you not only to comply with professional standards, but also to increase value for your organisation and your stakeholders.

We firmly support our assurance services with audit efficiency and a dedication to meeting financial reporting deadlines. We can help you with the following audit and assurance services across a range of industries:

  • Accounting advisory services
  • Capital markets services
  • Corporate reporting
  • Corporate treasury solutions
  • Financial statement audit
  • IFRS reporting
  • Internal audit
  • Regulatory compliance
  • Risk assurance
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