Meet the challenge of new IFRS standards

Accounting standards are evolving faster than ever. Keeping up with these changes and the significant complexities they introduce can be challenging. PwC’s assurance team offers a wide range of experience and deep technical expertise in accounting issues. Our approach provides a combination of integrated services tailored to accommodate your unique circumstances and needs.

Understand the implications of IFRS changes

Our team of IFRS specialists helps companies understand the implications of current and future IFRS changes on their financial and regulatory reporting, including relevant operational processes and internal controls. We can help you identify and assess alternatives, diagnose key issues, develop training, and analyse and document technical accounting issues. From exposure draft to implementation, our team can help you stay ahead of developments through every stage of the IFRS lifecycle.

IFRS resources

To learn more about new major IFRS accounting standards that will take effect over the next two years and beyond, click on the links below.

IFRS 16 – Leases: The impacts (infographic)

Learn what’s changing, what’s affected, timing and what you need to do.

Revenue Recognition: 5-step model (infographic)

Learn the five steps to revenue recognition under the new IFRS standard.

Revenue revolution: What audit committees need to know about the new revenue standard (PDF)

If you earn revenue and apply IFRS or US GAAP, your company is about to face a major change as the accounting requirements for revenue change effective 2018.

IFRS 16: The leases standard is changing: Are you ready? (PDF)

The new leases standard goes into effect on 1 January 2019. Every company that uses rentals or leasing as a means to obtain access to assets will be affected.

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What is your IFRS 9 adoption plan?

What is your IFRS 9 adoption plan?

Kelli Dawson, senior manager, explains the importance of planning ahead when it comes to your IFRS 9 adoption plan and how PwC can assist.

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