Attending to your needs

Isla Lipana & Co., the Philippine member firm of PwC offers an integrated, multi-disciplinary package of financial and business services whether you are operating in the Philippines or have offices in different parts of the world. We adhere to the highest quality standards and are committed to deliver innovative and responsive audit, tax, and business solutions.


This is the backbone of Isla Lipana & Co. Our assurance services deliver responsive audits tailored to the size and nature of the client’s business. Our audit strategy is a risk-based, top-down approach that focuses on the client’s business objectives and risks, and those that impact on financial reporting. We apply the full rigor of our global audit methodology which provides a robust assurance process and upholds a high quality and distinctive audit that is of global standards.


We perform various corporate and tax-related services that respond to the needs of your business to help minimize your tax liabilities and meet your tax compliance obligations. We recommend options, solutions, and relief as taxation becomes more complicated and costly. We offer advantageous and cost-effective strategies for optimizing your taxes and duties.


We have become our clients’ trusted allies in creating, acquiring, or financing a business; integrating acquired business into current operations; enhancing performance; improving management and control; dealing with crises; or restructuring and realizing value. We work together with your people to implement your strategy and provide advice on financial, analytical, and business process skills along the way.

All these major services help you create stakeholder value, build trust, and communicate with the marketplace.