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In this section you can browse through our publications and regularly updated materials intended to bring you useful information about emerging issues and possible solutions to your business needs. If you are a foreign investor interested to do business in the Philippines, you will find our business guides highly informative.

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Accounting Buzz

2013 Illustrative PFRS Financial Statements
This publication provides an illustrative set of consolidated financial statements, prepared in accordance with Philippine Financial Reporting Standards (PFRS), for a fictional manufacturing, wholesale and retail publicly-listed company, Moonwalk Corporation.

Industry issues

Mine 2013: A confidence crisis

PwC’s 10th annual global mining report analyses mining trends by looking into the performance of the 40 largest mining companies and discusses the sector’s prospects moving forward.

Client Advisory letter

Seizing the innovation edge (CAL November 2013)

The most innovative TMT companies expect 90% growth rate over the next five years. PwC study demonstrates how technology, media and telecom companies can harness breakthrough innovation to grow revenue

Taxwise or Otherwise

Easing requirements for changes in companies’ addresses (Taxwise, 18 September 2014)

IN AN ERA when almost any information can be found through the Internet, a not-so-techie person can get lost in a myriad of information available on the Web. In some cases, searching for information requires a bit of navigational skill in order to get you through the stack of unnecessary search results appearing on your browser. It would be a lot easier if someone would just drop the specific uniform resource locator (URL) or Web site address needed to lead us straight to the desired location.

Tax Alerts

Tax Alert No. 31 (25 September 2014)

Clarifying Certain Provisions on the issuance of Tax Exemption Rulings for Qualified Non-Stock, Non- Profit Corporations and Associations under Section 30 of the NIRC

Business guides

Finding your way: Doing business and investing in the Philippines (2013)

This guidebook will help you find easy answers to seemingly difficult questions on what to do under specific Philippine business conditions.

Explore opportunities: How to invest in the Philippines (2013)

This business guide aims to answer commonly-asked questions of prospective foreign investors interested in doing business in the Philippines.

More value for your business: Investment Incentives in the Philippines (2013)

These are basic and bite-size yet valuable information that will assist investors in deciding on which incentive option is best in starting and growing their business.

Explore opportunities: Investment Incentives in the Philippines (2013) Japanese



Client Advisory Letters

A publication about developments in Philippine taxation. It includes the latest BIR, legislative and admnistrative issuances. As well as court decisons and opinions.

Taxwise or Otherwise

Columns that discus the latest developments in tax, business law and current issues affecting the business community, including policy development.

2014 Tax calendar

This calendar has been prepared by Isla Lipana & Co. based on relevant laws, rules and regulations issued as of 30 November 2013 by various government agencies.

National Internal Revenue Code of 1997 (First edition, 2009)

A comprehensive and updated reference material to tax practitioners and tax administrators alike.

Consolidated Withholding Tax (CWT) and Fringe Benefits Tax (FBT) Regulations Handbook: Philippines 2006

Easy reference in determining the various withholding tax and FBT requirements.


Think Tank

PwC Think Tank provides expertise to the public and the private sectors, questioning and monitoring strategies and structures. Let us grow with you and work hand in hand as you build a more dynamic business or economy.

Riding the waves of change: PwC expertise in Business & Climate Change

PwC's Sustainability and Climate Change (S&CC) group helps clients address the specific and immediate issues relating to sustainability, as well as helping with longer- term strategic thinking.

Special titles

Philippine Resiliency: A Gem Uncovered (2009)

Insights from top CEOs in the country

Delivering Trust and Quality

This book is a compilation of the partners' thought leadership in various subjects relevant to the practice today.