Resilience in Africa: an online journal providing insight on risk matters

Resilience in Africa

Winning with risk

An introduction to risk resilience

In the first article in our series on risk resilience, we explore questions such as ‘how does risk resilience go beyond conventional risk management?’

A new call for leaders to manage their risks

Now is the time for leaders of future-facing organisations and government institutions to create principled demand-driven value systems.

Audit committees can earn public trust

Gatekeepers of corporate governance are facing more and more scrutiny. Confidence in corporate governance contributes to growth for companies and markets.

How to manage procurement risk

The behind-the-scenes details of many procurement deals are increasingly coming to light. What can organisations do to protect themselves against the potential for procurement irregularities?

Managing sales campaign and consumer promotion risks

Sales promotions are a popular way to attract customers and build brand awareness. However, many organisations fail to adequately assess the potential risks involved.

Anti-fraud risk intelligence

The occurrence of fraud is rising and it’s time to rethink the responsibility for managing it within organisations. Whose responsibility it is and how well is fraud really understood?

Facing up to fraud risk in telebanking

Telebanking (otherwise known as mobile banking) services are one of the most exciting new developments in the converging finance and telecom sectors, but there is also the risk of fraud.

Managing risks in new markets

Fast growth in emerging markets makes understanding local politics and the risks they pose critical to business strategy and operational decisions.