VisMin’s Philippine Gems

Rediscovering the regions’ natural assets

I love the sea and the sea refreshed me
I swam her warm waters teeming with life
Washing my doubts away
Clearing my thoughts
Renewing my soul


I love the mountains and the mountains sustained me
I climbed her rugged shoulders and jagged paths
Her lush greens cooled my senses
Replenishing my strength
Restoring my youth


I love the sky and the sky calmed me
I savoured her fresh air and tasted her sweet scents
Her crisp winds fan my hair
Invigorating my spirit
Cooling down my core

I love the people and people welcomed me
They shared their way of life and warm smiles
Filling my palette with culinary delights
Sparking my imagination with stories of lore
Satisfying my curiosity


I love to travel and the travels blessed me
Our land, water and skies are gems
My lenses captured their gentle secrets
As these pages so humbly reveal
Nature at its best in Visayas and Mindanao




Message from the PwC Philippine Chairman and Senior Partner

We would like you to explore the unexplored and little known islands, islets, and natural wonders in the Philippines. This coffee table book on The Philippines’ Gems of the Visayas and Mindanao (VisMin) is a continuation of PwC’s 2013 Philippine Gems project. Through this publication, our wish is for you to savor the variety and wealth of color, texture, sounds, and scents of the Philippines. Vicariously, initially—but when the impetus comes, take the opportunity to see these places in their pristine splendor.

We will take you on a boat ride around the regions of the Visayas and Mindanao, where the Filipino is at his warmest, gentlest, and mildest. We Filipinos treat our visiting friends like family, with a sense of affinity and a generosity of spirit second to none. This spirit envelopes you like a sea breeze, at once embracing and genteel, Rain clouds may visit but won’t keep you at bay, because Filipino friendship cuts through like a ray of sunshine.

This is the Philippines in VisMin: where the sun is maternal, the water is deft, and the sand is a cloak for any kind of weather.

Find your Gem in this book today.

Atty. Alexander B. Cabrera
Chairman and Senior Partner, PwC Philippines

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