Me in the Philippines

A Photo and Video Story Competition

Me in the Philippines is a contest that aims to collect stories from people who have experienced the Philippines


The project is centered on the Philippine experience, which will be captured in a photo or video format and will include a short story.

Submission is open to all who have travelled to the Philippines and who are willing to share their experience about their travel.

The story contest is a Corporate Responsibility project of PwC Philippines (PwC).

What are we looking for?

We're looking for story entries with photos or videos which creatively encapsulate what awaits those who want to travel and experience the Philippines

Submission of entries

Submit your entries through the form below.


TBA - negotiating with DOT

General Mechanics

  1. The participant must be a foreign national.
  2. All photos and videos must be taken in the Philippines
  3. The photo and video must be authentic and must include the participant.
  4. The photo, video and the corresponding story should be of real persons and events.
  5. The story must not exceed ninety-five (95) words.
  6. The entrant should be the original author and photographer/videographer of the photo/video story, and has secured usage permission from parties featured in it.
  7. The entrant can submit as many stories as s/he likes.

Legal specifications

  1. The entry must not contain plagiarized text, copyrighted images, sounds and videos.
  2. The story should not infringe upon the rights, sensitivities, and culture of persons and parties depicted in it. It must not contain text or imagery that is inappropriate, i.e. (1) false or defamatory statements; (2) obscene, vulgar, abusive, or containing nudity; (3) harass or discriminate on the basis of race, religion, nationality, ethnicity, gender, sexual preference or other factors; (4) invasive of private rights such as including addresses, phone numbers and other personal information about third persons without their consent.
  3. The story used in the entry has not been published in the past in any magazine or any other similar prints. 
  4. Each entry means that the participants have read and agreed to the terms and conditions of the contest and no claim can be made against the organizer upon submission
  5. The student-entrant must have obtained necessary third‐party releases on the image and the story.

Photo specifications

  1. Photos should be in digital format
  2. 300 dpi
  3. JPEG or JPG format
  4. At least 1,600 pixels on one side (whether image is vertical or horizontal)
  5. Full color (black-and-white and sepia are not allowed)
  6. No digital manipulation made, such as colorizing, toning, collage, photo composites, panoramas, and high dynamic range or HDR
  7. Minor adjustments in color, sharpness, cropping, contrast or digital equivalents are allowed
  8. Photos taken with an 8mp (megapixel) resolution mobile device camera set to “Best” setting are acceptable.
  9. The following photos are not allowed:
    1. Photographs that have previously won in any local or international photography contest.
    2. Photographs that violate a person’s rights including, but not limited to copyright and privacy.
    3. Photographs that contain obscene, sexually explicit, offensive or any other objectionable or inappropriate content.

Photos taken with mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are allowed, provided they meet the above requirements

Video specifications

  1. Videos must not exceed thirty (30) seconds.
  2. Videos must be at least 720 p, MP4 format, less than 400MB.
  3. Any editor may be used for the video but it must not contain any watermark or any form of advertising  Reduced the minimum resolution to 720p
  4. Minor adjustments in color, sharpness, cropping, contrast or digital equivalents are allowed
  5. The following videos are not allowed:
    • Videos that have previously won in any local or international videography contest.
    • Videos that violate a person’s rights including, but not limited to copyright and privacy.
    • Videos that contain obscene, sexually explicit, offensive or any other objectionable or inappropriate content.
  6. Videos taken with mobile devices, smartphones and tablets are allowed, provided they meet the above requirements

Story specifications

  1. A story must accompany the photo/video in an entry.
  2. The story must be directly associated with the photo/video in the entry.
  3. The story should be creative and compelling.
  4. The story should be written in English, with a maximum number of 95 words.
  5. The story should have the following elements:
  6. Title of the photo/video-story
  7. The narrative, in the form of testimonial or dialogues
  8. Samples are posted in the official web page for reference.
  1. PwC will lead the panel of judges. The decision of the panel is final.
  2. PwC will conduct a vetting procedure to make sure that only qualified entries are included in the judging process.
  3. Judging criteria will be as follows:
    • Photo/Video quality and visual impact (30%)
    • Story composition (30%)
    • Adherence to the theme (40%)


Featured stories

In love

Manila and Boracay

My girlfriend is a doctor in the Philippines. She always tells me stories about what it’s like to live and work there. I decided to give her a visit for vacation and experiencing the Philippines for the first time has been amazing. She taught me how to refer to the taxi driver as Kuya while cooling off in the hot weather with my halo-halo. Before I came to the Philippines, I already knew that I loved Pauline. But I left loving her people as well.


Jeepney honesty

Chinatown, Manila

We spent a few days in Manila. We were eager to ride public transport instead of boring taxis. Somehow we managed to find information about Jeepneys. It was our first ride to Chinatown in a jeepney and we wondered how to pay as we sat at the extreme corner seats away from driver. We were surprised when new passengers climbed in and gave money to the person sitting very next to him. Money flew from various hands to driver and money returned through same channel. We looked at each other amazed with the process—such honesty!




It was a last-minute insane decision to travel to Marinduque. It was insane because of a three-hour queue for the bus and a horrifying ten-hour moonlit queue for ferry to the island. But the Moriones Festival was worth the pain! Marinduque is a small, 100% crime-free island with such polite and friendly locals. The all participated in an astonishing preparation for Moriones where almost all villagers, young or old, joined in and left us amazed. Participants cheered us to join them, wear their costumes, take photos, and feast together.


Complete relaxation of body and soul!


I first visited the Philippines in 2004. Since 2007, I’ve taken with me my wife, son and daughter. The Philippines is the closest tropical destination from Korea. It’s a heavy burden for you to move to a touristic destination with your kids after an international flight. So my family always stays at the Sofitel in Manila. We all enjoy beautiful and romantic scenes of Manila Bay from the pool area. Delicious food, charming music, awesome views and your loved ones! What else do you need for a perfect vacation?!


Where my soul rests

Panglao Island, Bohol

I think I once lived in the Philippines in a past life. If not, I can’t explain the reason why I love the Philippines this much. To me Pinoy beaches and places are where my soul rests. To get to Dumaluan Beach on Panglao Island requires much time and patience. But it’s well worth your effort if you wish to get some quiet, peaceful rest. And I recommend you to participate in a tour program to swim with whale sharks in Oslob. It’s an indescribable experience! It’s way more fun in the Philippines.


Experience Philippines!

Camarines Norte, Tagaytay, Batangas, and more

I worked for six weeks for a travel company in The Philippines, where as a travel manager we led groups to some trips around the country, where the destination is a secret and the activities a surprise! I had the chance of visiting many amazing non-touristy places, sleeping in tents under the clear sky, swimming with turtles in pristine waters and having loads of fun with delicious food around bonfires.... I had an awesome time with the best people ever, so I will definitely come back!

~Gabi Fernandez

Natural glow


Humid weather in the Philippines gave me a natural glow! If you seek holidays with adventure, Cebu is your playground. It boasts many amazing experiences such as canoeing, waterfalls, rock jumps and the opportunity to swim with whale sharks.

~Chaiun The Great

Paradise in the Philippines

El Nido

Having gone twice, El Nido has become my favourite place in the Philippines. It is so rich in nature, both wildlife and underwater. The seawater, in particular, is crystal clear. Although the water is deep, you can see the bottom because of its clarity. It was the first time that I swam with jackfish, sea turtle, and blacktip reef shark. Coral reef and fish are abundant and diverse. It is common to see lizards, snakes, and monkeys. Bird-watching is also famous. Big lagoons and small lagoons are soenchanting that I cannot get enough of the experience!

~Piangpat, Thailand

It is more fun in the Sili region!


I went to Bicol region for various reasons. It started with the grandeur Mayon Volcano, almost perfect and cone-shaped. The lava and volcanic rocks also evolved into a black sand beach which you cannot find anywhere else. Daraga Church and Cagsawa ruins are national treasures. Even though whale shark watching is not on my bucket list, I went to Donsol just to experience it. I had only one morning and was fortunate to see at least one whale shark. It was unexpected, but absolutely memorable.
Above all, Bicol food is delicious and HOT!!!

~Piangpat, Thailand

Lost in time in Batanes


What makes Batanes unique is that being there is like getting lost in another world where time and technology do not matter. Internet connection is rare. It is a cash economy. Life is quiet, peaceful, and slow. The Ivatan tribe that lives there still preserves its culture. People are pure and honest. I forgot my wallet at a tourist attraction and got it back. Scenery is picturesque and breathtaking, whether it be hills or ocean. Local food is heavenly delicious and cheap.

~Piangpat, Thailand

Experienced Philippines under disaster

Guiuan, Eastern Samar

I went to Guiuan as a volunteer of an emergency shelter kit distribution team. At that time the town was hugely impacted by Super Typhoon Haiyan. People lived in temporary shelters. Electricity was limited. Having water to take a shower was lucky enough. People were excited to see a foreign face and in high spirits even in tough times. Since I do not know the local language, I could not help much. Nonetheless, I hope at least I demonstrated love for humanity without discrimination towards race, religion, or belief.

~Piangpat, Thailand

Raw life

Orani, Bataan

Upon visiting the Municipality of Orani, I experienced raw and organic life that I had never seen or felt before. I could feel the unadulterated warmth and kindness the people in Orani were made up of. Material and tainted influences were absent. The simplest ways of life are lived here and the people were content with what they have. The Old Port area of Orani left such an immense feeling that I carry with myself each day, waiting inside until I have a chance to revisit this wonderful place.

~Jeff Hoyopatubbi

Home is where the heart is

Manila, Tacloban, Isabella, Bacolod

I fell in love with the Philippines on my very first trip in 2012. Since then all I’ve done is work hard and save so I can keep going back to this wonderful country. The way the Filipino people live with hearts of kindness and resilience are simply inspiring. I love the hospitality of the locals! Just thinking about the amazing adobos and chicken-on-a-stick make my mouth water! I also love the culture, especially the Masskara dances which captivated my soul. I love this country with all my heart!

~Eva Muilenburg

#CSR #StuffitChallange #Shookt

My first week with PwC ended with doing something memorable for the environment. I had the pleasure of supporting the CSR team on our way to La Union. We created eco-bricks (plastic bottles stuffed with non-biodegradable waste) which were used to construct walls and fences for classrooms and houses. Eco-brick is a solution for today’s plastic challenge. Let’s work together to live in a world that has a lot less plastic and a lot more organic: from trash to treasure, from pollution to solution.

~Kevin Nick Renz



I had a very impressive tour riding the Kalesa last September 2016. It was so nice to see the attractions by sitting in the Kalesa and hearing that “klip klop” sound while the horse was trotting along the streets. The driver and his son were very friendly. The driver was also our knowledgeable tour guide. It was nearly half an hour tour around the historical center of Manila. I even had my first Taho! It was very delicious and I recommend others to try it. The tour ended at the National Museum.

~Henry Lukkari

A land of warm-hearted smiles

Boracay, Manila, Cebu, Bohol, Puerto Galera, etc.

I first visited the Philippines back in 1994. Since then I have traveled to many places alone or with my wife, son and daughter. Many of my acquaintances ask: “The Philippines again?!” I ask myself why I am addicted to the nation. Because of warm weather that makes me feel good? Lovely palm trees and beaches? Low prices compared to Korea? Or their religious faithfulness? Nope! My No.1 reason is that ordinary Pinoy people smile wholeheartedly to travelers despite many hardships in life!


A perfect outdoor getaway from the hustle of Manila

Anawangin Cove, Zambales

This place has an amazing camping spot where you can set up a tent, cook food, enjoy, and relax with your loved ones. It’s an escape from the world of technology as this place doesn’t have telephone signals and there is no electricity: nevertheless there is a shower place where you can wash off the sands after you dip into the ocean and be bathed by sand. You can then enjoy hiking in the hills and be enchanted by the mesmerizing view from the top. It’s an ideal place for nature lovers.

~Marisha Shrestha, Nepal

The hottest internship


I grew up in Germany, spent the last semester in the US, and now ready for my internship with PwC – this is my first time in the Philippines. My arrival was a bit of a culture shock. However, it is the best time – the WARM welcome from the team made me fall in love with the country as it feels like home, the SPICY food (gising-gising and kare-kare), and the warm weather made my stay so enjoyable. The Philippines has so much to offer, that I am considering a permanent move: the move to happiness.

~Kevin Nick Renz

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