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Every year, we run a global people survey to get feedback from our people about how we are as a organization, our culture, the work that we do and how we work with our clients and each other.

We asked them to describe what it is like to work at PwC and here are some responses:

"I have enjoyed my work and out-of-office activities in the firm. These are what made my stay here productive and enjoyable. PwC brings out the best in me as a professional and as a team leader."

"Challenging and exciting. I learn new things in all our projects involving various industries. There are no barriers between our supervisors and subordinates. I also appreciate very much the support of my managers."

"PwC provides an environment that is open, where the younger staff can freely express their ideas and are heard."

"I feel valued in PwC."

"Fulfillment. I receive the appropriate tools to help in my work."

"It's challenging and fun working in PwC."

"To work in PwC has been my dream since college. I know I made the right choice!"

"Here I can adapt to my own work style and manage my timeline as long as I deliver on schedule."

"PwC is an ideal place to practice and excel in my profession."

"It feels great to be part of PwC. I get to work with dedicated people."

"PwC offers a great experience. The firm provides me opportunities to improve myself personally and professionally."

"The culture and its people are what make the company a great place to work in."

"PwC develops its people into seasoned professionals. Also a great place to develop new friendships."

"Co-workers and leaders are understanding. The firm always finds ways to provide its people work-life-balance."

"We are like family looking out after each other. We embrace each other's differences and unique talents."

"It's a family-like environment. I look forward to employee events, out-of-the-country teambuilding, family day, sports fest, Christmas party, group teambuilding and summer outings."

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Imelda Ronnie G.  Castro

Imelda Ronnie G. Castro

Assurance Partner and Human Capital Leader , PwC Philippines

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Pam M. Gregorio

Human Capital Executive Director, PwC Philippines

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Kaileen Kate B. Diola

Human Capital Manager, PwC Philippines

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Yochika C. Nakagawa

Human Capital Manager, PwC Philippines

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