Corporate Governance

Boards are under more-intense scrutiny than ever before, and directors struggle with effectively executing their fiduciary responsibilities while still enabling the organization to move forward and remain competitive.

The focus areas should include:

  • A clear-cut segregation of duties among governing bodies;

  • Balanced and high-performing Board of Directors and its committees;

  • A balanced executive remuneration system ensuring alignment of the executives’ interests with the interests of the company and its shareholders;

  • Disclosure of complete and high-quality financial and non-financial information (on the website, in the Annual report, etc.);

  • Efficient organisation of interaction with shareholders and investors;

  • An efficient risk management and internal control system and an efficient internal audit function ;

  • A balanced dividend policy meeting the interests of the company and its shareholders;

  • Efficient procedures for preparing and holding general shareholder meetings;

  • Reliable procedures for prevention and settlement of conflicts of interest;

  • Efficient group governance and oversight of subsidiaries’ performance.

How we can help?

PwC helps companies focus on the most important aspects of corporate governance. We can provide the following services:

  • Perform a comprehensive assessment of your current corporate governance framework or its separate components;

  • Establish corporate governance framework and mechanisms as prescribed by applicable regulations, requirements and standards (i.e. Corporate governance codes, listing rules, methodological guidelines and recommendations, etc.);

  • Communicate and interact efficiently and effectively with your shareholders and investors;

  • Assess the performance of your Board of Directors and its committees;

  • Improve the efficiency of your governing bodies' operating procedures;

  • Ensure appropriate segregation of duties have been established among the governing bodies and within your decision-making processes;

  • Enhance the oversight arrangements you have in place across a group of companies;

  • Develop / improve the performance of your risk management systems and processes;

  • Develop / improve the performance of your internal audit function;

  • Enhance the transparency of your business;

  • Reduce the likelihood of corporate conflicts;

  • Prepare your company for a successful IPO.

Value delivered

PwC can help strengthen your organisation’s corporate governance program. The value we provide includes:
  • Confidence that comes from working with a dedicated team of senior, knowledgeable, and experienced corporate governance specialists;

  • A proven framework aligned to regulatory guidance and leading practices that drive efficiency and quality;

  • Insights about emerging issues, not just topics in the here and now;

  • Access to governance leading practices, thought leadership, and forums on current issues to help your company maintain its high standards.

Client benefits:

  • Understanding of your company’s current corporate governance structure and processes and of whether the organization is being governed as intended to fulfill its governance objectives;

  • Insights into the strengths and/or enhancement opportunities within your company’s current corporate governance structure and processes that could affect sustainable, strong business performance;

  • Increased transparency into stakeholder perceptions of current corporate governance processes;

  • Validation of whether or not corporate governance meets regulatory expectations and industry standards;

  • Increased transparence into the structure, processes, and policies supporting corporate governance;

  • Insights into other organisations’ corporate governance practices that could help advance current practices;

  • Insights into how the three lines of defense are coordinating to build a thorough corporate governance framework.


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