Antimonopoly compliance

is a system of measures to prevent violations of the legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan in the field of protection of competition. The Company has the right to accept both external and internal acts of antimonopoly compliance (Article 195-1 of the PC RK).

From 1 January 2017, the state register of dominant entities and monopolists was cancelled. Companies are under greater risk of being charged for antitrust violations.

How we can help? 

Antimonopoly compliance, prior to any dispute

  • Reviewing companies’ contracts and existing pricing policies for compliance with Antitrust law;
  • Developing an “Internal Act of Compliance” for companies’ internal business rules, methods and policies to align them with Antitrust legislation;
  • Developing an “External Act of Compliance” for companies’ pricing policies and rules to align them with Antitrust legislation;
  • Representing companies’ interests in agreeing their “External Acts of Compliance” with the authorities. Once agreed, such a document is recognized as an Act of Clarification of the Legislation;
  • Recommending “Dos and DON’Ts” during an antitrust investigation.

During a dispute

  • Supporting companies in relation to antimonopoly disputes with state authorities during investigation;
  • Preparing documents, analytical materials and explanations for submission to the Antimonopoly Committee and other state authorities;
  • Protecting of the Company in court when appealing the results of investigations by the Antimonopoly Committee.
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