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Kazakhstan edition of 25th Annual Global CEO Survey 2022

The Kazakhstan edition of the CEO Survey turns 10 years old this year, and the Global PwC CEO Survey project has passed the 25-year milestone during which time 4,446 CEOs from 89 countries participated in the PwC project. We interviewed 71 CEO’s for the preparation of this 10th anniversary Kazakhstan edition. 

From the time we started working on the project until the moment it was completed, the geopolitical landscape has changed dramatically: the volatility of events in the world is off the charts. In the reality in which we live now, it is extremely difficult to make forecasts regarding the economy of a country, a region, and the world. 

In this year's survey, we decided to focus on the internal business processes of companies, analysing the events of the past year, how they affected business development and measures to minimise financial losses. In addition, we unveiled in more detail the global environmental, social and corporate governance (ESG) agenda in Kazakhstan and globally. 

New rules for the interaction of countries at the global level, methods of doing and regulating business, as well as consumer habits are being formed. Even though the data collection and interviews with CEOs were conducted between November 2021 and February 2022, many businessmen anticipated the coming changes and were already assessing the possible risks for themselves. The majority of the local respondents (51%) expressed extreme concern and apprehensions about the growing geopolitical conflicts in the world. Health and cyber risks were noted as one of the top threats in Kazakhstan (63% and 54%) and globally (48% and 49%).

The rule of law has become the main priority of public administration for business in Kazakhstan this year. Among the other key issues are the fight against corruption, further development of  infrastructure, as well as qualified and adaptive personnel. Business is ready to cooperate and help the state to a greater extent in the development of qualified personnel, an effective tax system, investment attractiveness and also physical and digital infrastructure.   

Also, in our anniversary edition, we asked respondents to answer the question “What would you like to say to the world today?” and received very sincere responses, which we published.

We express our deep gratitude to each participant in our study who took the time to meet in person and online and complete the questionnaire. We hope that the result of our joint efforts will contribute to a deeper understanding and cooperation between private business and the state and will also allow us to consider the current issues and expectations arising in the real sector of the economy of Kazakhstan.

Please contact Viktoriya Gorlanova or Yuliya Yerlykina for any questions.

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