Forensic Technology Solutions

If you are making an investment or an acquisition unsure about the size of the dispute you’re about to enter, or looking to recover outstanding debt investigating activities of a business partner, dealing with fraud and corruption, managing electronic evidence, we can help by providing the technical expertise you need.

Digital Forensics

Deleting an email won’t hide the truth. 90 % of the corporate data is in the form of electronic documents. Our forensic technology team helps clients manage vast amounts of electronic data and navigate the legal and business processes that are mandated by critical events. Find your needle in the haystack using PwC eDisovery solution.

Forensic Data Analytics

The average cost of a fraud in the procurement chain is USD 200 000. How is it possible? Fraud usually lasts for years without being discovered and the loss, which occurred, could be quite high. The proactive PwC solution – Procurement Health Check – can discover suspicious behaviour among vendors before fraud can actually happen.

Information Governance

GDPR is bringing new legislation and strong data protection regulation. The first step on the way to compliance and to avoiding a potential 4 % turnout fine is to understand the problem. You also need to know where your data is and what needs to be done with it. The proactive PwC solution finds your personal data and guides you through the compliance process.

Services we offer

  • Computer forensics using new technologies
  • E-Discovery
  • Data search, analysis and safety
  • Recreation of deleted files and decoding of secured data
  • Data processing in compliance with computer forensics requirements and international regulations on procedure
  • Analysis of data from mobile devices, including telephones, smartphones,  iPhones / iPads etc
  • Attending hearings and testifying as experts based on computer forensics results
  • Issue of expert opinions
  • Data consolidation for the purpose of further analysis
  • Development of technological solutions supporting an efficient analysis of corporate e-mails, documents and other user files
  • Download and analysis of data from financial and ERP systems to detect fraud and violations of the law
  • Investigation of computer-related incidents, including unauthorised access to networks, threats via e-mail etc.

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Kirk Williams

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Azamat Temirbek

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