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PwC is one of Kenya’s leading professional services firms. Our blend of international and Kenyan expertise is fundamental to the high quality of advice and assistance that we offer. PwC Kenya has a long established practice serving Governments, Development Partners, other international financing communities and the private sector through its offices in Nairobi.

Our work within the International Development space is the embodiment of our commitment to working on the most challenging issues with governments, non-governmental organisations and international funding institutions to deliver better services for our clients. We partner with our clients, providing them with innovative solutions to the variety of strategic as well as other challenges that they routinely face. We integrate our expertise to provide lasting solutions that will bring about results, impact and sustainable development.

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Issues you may be facing

  • Climate Change - We work with governments, NGOs and private sector organisations across the world to improve their ability to mitigate carbon emissions and adapt to climate change.

  • Governance and Security - We work with developing country governments and public sector institutions to achieve our vision of good governance and effective security worldwide.

  • Economic Development - We work with a range of governments and private sector organisations to help economies develop through business engagement, impact investing, inclusive growth and better investment climates.

  • Human Development - We work with governments, healthcare providers, schools, universities, NGOs and private sector organisations across the world to improve the quality of and access to basic services for the world’s poorest.

How we can help you

Assurance and Audit services

Our audit and assurance services aid our clients to enhance accountability to stakeholders as well as helping them improve their financial reporting and complying with regulatory requirements. Within the ID space, our assurance services include financial audits, internal control assessments, donor and regulatory compliance reviews, risk assurance services, expenditure verification and tracking, implementation of financial reporting standards, financial monitoring and rolling audits and indirect cost rate engagements among others.

Programme Delivery

Our programme teams turn concepts into meticulously designed and planned programmes, using tried and - tested approaches tailored to individual projects and programmes to deliver quality outcomes.

Fund services

We manage and deliver funding to achieve development outcomes, based around three key phases: fund establishment, fund appraisal and contacting, and fund management. Our fund services operates through our Government Services Delivery Centre (GSDC) based in Belfast.

Programme Evaluation

Our range of M&E skills helps programmes learn lessons, assess performance, and evidence their value and impact. By publishing our results and lessons, we can also help feedback any learnings into on-going programme delivery.

Tax services

We are a leading provider of tax services worldwide in terms of the size and scope of our tax practice and our reputation.

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Benson Okundi

Benson Okundi

Partner and Head of Government and Public Sector Services, Eastern Africa, PwC Kenya

Tel: +254 (20) 285 5241

Simon Mutinda

Simon Mutinda

Partner, PwC Kenya

Tel: +254 (20) 285 5000

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