Landing Home

We are determined to bring talented people, like you, back home.

We reimagine the possible by helping bright minds who study or work abroad,  to unlock their potential and elevate their career in Greece. 

By joining us you will become part of the leading professional services firm and a dynamic group of professionals with diverse backgrounds and different expertise with a main purpose to build trust in society and solve important problems. 

We are searching for Greek speaking bright minds with different backgrounds and experience from all around the world so don't miss the opportunity to check our active vacancies and apply to one of our openings.


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Am I eligible to apply?

We are looking for:

  • Experienced Professionals with a proven record of employment abroad
  • Graduates with Bachelor’s or Master’s degree from abroad without previous experience who would like to kick off their career in Greece

What’s in it for you?

  • Quick and digital recruitment process
  • Support and assistance on repatriation processes and logistics
  • Attractive reward and recognition schemes
  • Flexible working arrangements
  • Continuous training and career development opportunities
  • Global mobility opportunities

Talented professionals are the cornerstone of PwC and that is why our mission is to find them and bring them onboard. “Landing Home” is an initiative that aims to enable greek speaking bright minds that wish to return to Greece to find the right career path, work next to top professionals and make an impact to the transformation of our firm and clients. Over the past two years we have several examples of colleagues who made this step, successfully joining us to continue or start their careers with us after studying abroad. I am proud that we, as PwC Greece, offer guidance and support to make this an educated choice and a smooth transition so that you can focus on what is really important: Elevating your career in an environment you can call home.

Marios Psaltis, CEO

More than 50 colleagues landed home! Check the inspiring testimonials of our people: 

The country’s stability, along with the prospects of a resilient recovery were some of the factors that influenced my decision on this new endeavor, after almost 19 years abroad. PwC has a strong presence and a long history in the Greek market and I am more than excited with this opportunity to contribute to the country’s recovery path. Being part of a company with a global footprint, a multicultural environment and collaborating with highly competent individuals, further allows me to grow and enhance my skills. My experience has been more than satisfying so far and I am excited to be part of this organization.

Nikos Anapliotis, Senior Manager, Advisory, Deals, FS Corporate Finance

It is true, that coming back to Greece, after living and working almost nine years in the Netherlands, was a decision that required quite some thought. However, it was evident that my homeland was entering an era of change, a change towards a course for growth and development in every aspect. I wanted to be part of that change. Moreover, I wanted to contribute with my experience and my knowledge, gained thus far. PwC provided me with the opportunity to built trust within every aspect of my new life here in Greece, and solve important problems. Every project, that my team is engaged with, is a new possibility for me and this amazing community of solvers, to bring value not only to PwC but also to society. The initiation and interview process was very informative and spot on. It was basically the prelude of me entering into a world, filled with opportunities and inspiring collaborations.

Symeona Evangeliou, Senior Associate , Advisory, Finance Transformation

It took me 11 years to decide to return to Greece. After my Master's and 10 amazing years working in the UK, I decided to come back to a country that is looking to widely use technology to guide its recovery. What attracted me to PwC was the opportunity to work on challenging digital transformation projects that make an impact to our everyday lives. A great chance for me to use my experience and also grow my career, working for a global leader that invests so much in my field. Afters 3 months being here with PwC Greece I am happy to say that I made the right decision. Interesting projects, great Clients, continuous learning and a multicultural working environment full of opportunities!

Georgios Panagopoulos , Manager, Enterprise Digital

After years away from your country, coming ‘home’ can be overwhelming and challenging. When I left Greece in 2011, I had the feeling that my return back would not be that soon. Indeed, I spent the next 10 years in Belgium and the United Kingdom. In February last year I made the well-thought decision to move back to Greece. My experience in the Bank of England was a milestone for my career. In order to return back to Greece, I set a condition on myself, that is to join an organization with high standards, impact and reputation. For this reason, I decided to join PwC, an organization that offers me the opportunity for further career progression though their high profile projects.

Dr Dimitra Bagntasarian, Senior Associate Financial Services

I have been “Flying Home” for the most part of my adult life, until, when earlier this year, I decided it was the right time to “Land Home”. Greece is one of the most beautiful countries to live in and being close to family and friends, especially during these recent times, is of outmost importance to me. I have had the opportunity to live, study and work in different countries, interact with many different cultures and learn alongside top professionals in their field, all of which I believe equipped me with the necessary tools and experiences that I can bring home. I have been part of the “PwC family” since 2013, where I began my career as part of the Assurance Team in Greece and then continued for the next years in the PwC Office in Milan as part of the Deals Advisory Team. I am looking forward to continuing to being part of a Network that invests in its people, enabling them to gain multiple and diverse experiences and grow within the organization, an opportunity that very few companies can offer.

Tatiana Athanasiou, Manager, Assurance, Financial Services

I started my professional career at PwC Greece, but one day, I was given the opportunity to move abroad and complete a master’s degree. After 1 year of studying in the UK, I had the chance to explore the fast-evolving career paths that working abroad offers; Career opportunities that many people believe that cannot be found in Greece. PwC Greece and the Data & Analytics department presented me a career path similar to those available abroad, proving wrong all the stereotypical beliefs and enabling us to work in our home country without any compromises.

Vaggelis Kalomoiris, Data & Analytics Associate

After 8 years of living and working in the Netherlands, fulfilling my dream to work in projects around the globe in different industries, I felt that it was time for me to return back to my home country. What mostly attracted me to PwC Greece was that I could still have the opportunity to be part of a high performing environment, facing challenges and high expectations, but also be located in my birthplace. Being part of a company with a global footprint, a multicultural environment and collaborating with highly competent individuals, allows me to further grow and enhance my skills. Looking back, I am confident that this was the right decision to have made.

Athina Chrysovergi, Advisory, Senior Associate

Joining as a graduate in PwC London and having worked across many countries, including a much longer stint of three years in Middle East, I decided to have a friendly chat at the Athens office. After many years of thinking about it but not really exploring the possibility, it became a matter of logic rather than only a matter of heart. A country coming out of a decade long economic crisis, must be full of opportunities; and the challenges that would lie ahead meant I could still grow as a professional, embrace change and get the opportunity to empower my people and clients in turn. The deal was sealed and haven't looked back since then!

Konstantinos Takos, Director, Advisory, Consulting, People & Change team

When I decided to return back to Greece in 2017, leaving behind a successful six year career path in London, most of my colleagues and friends wondered why. Were the reasons purely sentimental or could it actually made sense? PwC Greece contributed massively to the latter; In PwC Greece, I joined a team of high-calibre individuals, a practice full of challenging assignments and an environment of limitless opportunities for career advancement, pushing me every day out of my comfort zone and helping me grow. Thankfully, the recruitment process was smooth and very professional helping me to understand the potential ahead. Looking back, there are no regrets, only a big smile!

Tsakanika Angeliki, Senior Manager, Advisory, Consulting, Business Strategy

When I saw that there was a serious action by PwC Greece to bring people back home, I started thinking about it. It has always been my wish to find the right opportunity to return home, close to my family and friends. I was already an employee at PwC Germany and was very familiar with the procedures as well as the values of PwC that echoed across the Network. Because of this, the decision was a step easier for me. Now I could say that I made the right decision, and I am more than happy and excited to be able to work with professional people in an environment full of opportunities.

Dareioti Vlasia, Associate, Assurance

Having lived in London for more than 10 years, where I had the opportunity to work on UK, European and Global projects across a number of industries, I felt I wanted to bring back home my knowledge and try and make a difference to our lovely country. Emerging from an economic crisis, there are so many opportunities ahead, which makes work so interesting and the potential to bring change big. PwC Greece offered my a great platform to continue my career working alongside highly skilled and interesting people.

Natasa Maraka, Senior Manager, People & Change

The toughest part of my decision to return to Athens was to accept that I would have limited professional development opportunities and compromise with the fact that my career had peaked. Working as a sustainability professional in London for 7 years I was convinced that my experience and the skills gained in environmental, social and governance fields would be underutilized in Greece. I was worried that the challenges and inspiration arising from the global and multicultural work environment would be limited. Two months upon my return, I had my interview with PwC and I was surprised to find out a diverse and inclusive work environment and an ESG and climate change team that is not just keeping up to speed with global sustainability issues but driving change in Greece’s private and public sectors. A year later, I can conclude that there couldn’t have been a better momentum for my return! There is an increasing interest in ESG issues, I am part of a fast-growing team and an inclusive environment. To add to that, the interaction with the global PwC network gives me the multicultural work environment and opportunities for continuous learning and professional development.

Georgina Grafakou, Manager, ESG and climate change

Having returned from abroad to Greece again in the past, this time my decision was based much more on professional reasons than on emotion. During the interview process, the colleagues won me over with their attitude and behavior. Above all, they made me understand the vision of the organization and its strategic objectives, which were much aligned with my personal aspirations, and that was the main reason for my decision to join PwC Greece. With regards to the country, it has entered a recovery and growth phase after a decade of recession and being part of it feels great. The projects that are already running in the market (either led or not by PwC) and those that are coming constitute a living proof of the above statement. For these and many other reasons -such as the exceptional team of which I have the honor to be a member- I have never regretted for a single moment the return to my country.

Alexandros Siois, Senior Manager, People & Change Consulting

After 6 years working abroad in global engagements, I was naturally concerned if I would be making a step back in my career by returning in my hometown, and whether I could keep honing my skills and follow the path I have set for my career. Therefore, a tough decision had to be made, taking into consideration my family needs, and aiming for well-being without compromising career progression. However, PwC’s enticing offer, it’s global reputation and brand power, as well as, the very high quality of life that Greece offers and the promising outlook of Greek economy, made my decision a lot easier. Having spent already 9 months at PwC Greece, I am confident that my decision was right. I highly recommend to anyone who wants to combine Greece’s best traits along with a stable, multicultural and challenging work environment, to be part of PwC’s Community of Solvers.

Galatis Nikolaos, Digital Assurance Hub Manager

After twelve years of a fulfilling banking career in London, a city I loved, I was contemplating my next career and lifestyle move and Greece was top of the list for many reasons. After a long crisis Greece was at an inflection point offering exposure to opportunities and challenges that could help me further grow professionally. Combine this with awesome weather, starting a new family and being close to people you love and it’s a no brainer. PwC Greece intrigued me with inspiring interviewers and exceeded my expectations in offering a great platform to enhance your career, meet skilled people and have a good time. I feel vindicated for moving here!

Chaviaras Christodoulos, Senior Manager, Advisory, Deals, Corporate Finance,

After finishing my studies in the UK I was looking for a new challenge and the right place to start a career that would give me the opportunity to develop myself professionally and offer me a promising career. Working in the assurance line of service at PwC Greece, and more specifically in the transportation and logistics industry, I can say that the development opportunities through the company’s training programs and professional qualification as well as the chance to work with experienced colleagues and top clients is the best reminder that applying to PwC Greece was the ideal choice.

Dimitris Poungouras, Senior Associate, Audit

After 16 fulfilling years at PwC The Netherlands, it was time for me to return to Greece. It was not an easy decision, since the Netherlands has been my home for so many years. At the same time, I was filled with confidence and excitement, as I would continue my journey with PwC. Working in an open environment where I could continue developing and adding value was key for me. What a delight to have been warmly welcomed from day one! I know that calling Greece my home again will take time. In the meantime, I am enjoying the lovely weather, the flexibility at work and the luxury of being close to my family.

Despina Filippou, Senior manager, Assurance

After nearly 9 years studying and working in technology management consulting in London, moving back home was a rather tough decision to make. The thought of returning is always there but only when the right opportunity strikes. What mattered to me the most in a potential move back to Greece was to continue on the career path I had crafted to the extent possible and smoothly transition to the new lifestyle. PwC definitely exceeded my expectations in that it offered the type of role, working environment and growth opportunities that I thought would be very hard to find in Greece. This was complemented by a smooth recruitment and induction process that really helped me acclimate to the new environment. Almost a year since joining PwC Greece, having worked in a number of high-profile technology projects for ambitious forward-looking client organizations in the Greek market and collaborating daily with like-minded and highly competent PwC colleagues, I am pleased to have made the right choice and looking forward with a strong sense of optimism about what lies ahead.

Antonis Georgiou, Manager, Technology Advisory

Since 2013, when I decided to fly out of Greece and join PwC Middle East as a graduate, I always had in my mind the time I would return back as an experienced professional. Almost 8 years later, it was clear to me that the time of repatriation had come. My decision was not driven merely by emotional reasons but also from the bright prospects which were unfolding before me and included a position with higher responsibilities than the one I had in Dubai, as well as faster career progression and the opportunity to make my mark in the firm and the society through technology. Being already a PwC employee and having to communicate with people, both from HR and Tax team, who were very supportive, made the whole recruitment process much easier and more pleasant. Looking back, I can safely say that I am very happy with my decision to join PwC Greece.

Ioannis Birmpas , Senior Manager, Tax Technology

It is true, that coming back to Greece, having lived and worked for almost nine years in the Netherlands, was a decision that required quite some thought. However, it was evident that my homeland was entering an era of change, a change towards a course of growth and development; And I wanted to be part of that change. and to contribute with my experience and my knowledge gained so far. PwC provided me with the opportunity to build trust within every aspect of my new life here in Greece, and solve important problems. Every project, that my team is engaged with, is a new possibility for me and this amazing community of solvers, to bring value not only to PwC Greece but also to society. The initiation and interview process was very informative and spot on. It was basically the prelude of me entering into a world, filled with opportunities and inspiring collaborations.

Symeona Evangeliou, Senior Associate, Advisory, Finance Transformation

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