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Today’s business landscape is more complex and more connected than ever. Companies are faced with both new and unexplored threats as they try to tap into new opportunities. The challenge lies in staying ahead of those risks and threats and preparing accordingly.

Risk assurance services provide businesses with valuable insights into potential risks and opportunities, enabling decision-makers to make strategic choices that align with the company's objectives. We can help you adapt and create value so that you can build a sustainable business that is risk resilient.


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We provide expertise in nine core areas:

Cybersecurity isn’t just about technology. It involves people, information, systems, processes, culture and physical surroundings. It aims to create a secure environment where businesses can remain resilient in the event of a cyber attack and threats.

Explore our cybersecurity services here.

As we navigate this data-driven landscape, organizations are entrusted with a tremendous responsibility – safeguarding the privacy of the individuals whose data they collect.

Explore our data protection and privacy services here.

In our digital age, this trust gap becomes the battleground for an organization's ascent and market relevance. Thus, securing digital trust transforms from a mere necessity to the heart of an organization's strategy.

Explore our digital trust services here.

Our team of experts is dedicated to helping boards extract greater value from their internal audit function, delivering enhanced assurance and value for money. We not only offer our extensive experience and knowledge of best practices as leading internal audit service providers but also help you to understand your industry and its specific technical risk areas. 

Explore our internal audit services here.

We don't view GRC as a mere checklist but rather as a dynamic force that can anticipate and mitigate risks while propelling your business forward. By aligning your GRC activities with your business's performance drivers, we can help you transform your program into a proactive function that adds value.

Explore our governance, risk and compliance services here.

In today's dynamic business landscape, Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) considerations have surged to prominence, capturing the attention of forward-thinking organizations. 

Explore our sustainability and ESG services here.

At PwC, we assess and optimize the controls in ERP systems, examining the measures and mechanisms in place to ensure data integrity, security, accuracy, and compliance.

Explore our ERP assessments services here.

We provide insights and solutions for all businesses that face significant and complex risks—not just insurers. 

Explore our actuarial services here.

At PwC Uganda, we provide support, guidance, and reassurance to organizations engaged in activities governed by regulatory authorities. 

Explore our regulatory compliance services here.


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