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At PwC, we work to understand your strategies and objectives to ensure that financial reports and related non-financial information properly reflect the performance of your organisation.

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Our Assurance Service is not only valued for its compliance with professional standards, but also for its relevance to our clients’ businesses and the insight it provides to management.

Our approach places particular emphasis on the link between the performance of your business and the financial information you report to stakeholders.
With our depth of experience, and our knowledge of all industry sectors, we are able to offer you a broad range of innovative, cost-effective solutions that respond to both global and local business issues.

We offer assurance services that are focused on your specific management needs. Audit efficiency and timely preparation of financial statements are the cornerstones of our assurance services. Our audits are performed with precise service commitments that add value and minimise risk.

Our audit approach starts with in-depth understanding of the industry in which you operate and what is happening in your markets. We understand your strategies and business objectives, and then work through your organisation to understand what drives value, and ensure that financial reports and related non-financial information properly reflect the performance on your company.

Understanding your industry is key to providing a service that is tailored to the special requirements of your business. Our professionals are dedicated to industry groups, where they are immersed in the important issues, emerging trends and business practices that make your industry unique.

Our worldwide audit methodology and Aura® software facilitate the recording, organising and dissemination of information. Professional staff across the country and around the world are also linked through our Lotus Notes system, allowing us to reach our professionals anywhere around the globe to access their knowledge and share best practices.

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Uthman Mayanja

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