Corporate responsibility

At PwC, we have a significant role to play in building trust in society and solving important problems. Our goal is to embed this in all we do, but nowhere is it more important and significant than in our global corporate responsibility (CR) strategy.

All PwC firms are involved in their local communities through a vast range of projects, from supporting youth education and leadership programmes to helping social entrepreneurs and local charities. This is a core part of our PwC culture, and we regularly contribute our time, skills and resources.

While our goal is to make a difference in the communities where we work by sharing our time and knowledge, PwC people also benefit from new skills, enhanced personal fulfilment and deeper local relationships.  Our approach to volunteering and community engagement tends to be local and considers local priorities and customs so that the activities have a positive impact on beneficiaries.

Being part of the solution…

In Uganda, PwC has supported different local initiatives in line with PwC corporate responsibility core areas of education, health, disaster recovery.  Our approach for selecting which initiative to support follows a clear background study and needs assessment.  The firm’s CR strategy is to get staff involved through encouraging contributions both financially and materially – this is collective responsibility. 

Our current intervention

  • Support towards the Dorna Centre for Autism

Autism has for a long time been a mystery in our communities in Uganda. Usually seen as a curse, autistic children are hidden away from the public and written off as good for nothing. We were intrigued to find Dorothy, a lady who has dedicated her life to taking care of autistic children. Inspired by her autistic son who finally made it through school, Dorna is more than determined to disprove society and empower autistic children with skills that can render them more useful.

As part of our CSR, we visited the Dorna Centre to hand over the firm’s contribution and to spend time interacting and engaging in activities with the children.

It was a well spent afternoon, as we learnt to interact with autistic children, appreciate their needs and means of communication.  We were humbled by their great reception in form of a song and the fact that they warmed up to us.  We watched them display talent in making baskets, table mats, chair covers, necklaces among others.

As is our core objective to ensure sustainability for the CSR projects we undertake, we donated a set of four briquette making equipment to the center.  The equipment will enable the center efficiently make briquettes (modern charcoal) which will be sold and proceeds will be used to  support the daily running of the Dorna Center.  This efficient way of cooking (using briquettes) is being adopted and the demand for briquettes is growing by the day.  Dorna is optimistic that at 2,000/= per kilogram of briquettes, the center will have an income generating business.

In addition we donated household, utility, toiletries and food stuffs.


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