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At PwC, we are looking for Ugandan graduates from different disciplines with a minimum of Upper Second Class honours or equivalent from reputable institutions.

The graduates should have a strong academic track record. They should also be well-rounded individuals, who are flexible and agile with personal initiative and drive, have high levels of motivation and enthusiasm and good communication skills.

You will have a distinctive experience and we will provide you with the opportunity to develop new ways of thinking, creating value for you, for PwC and for our clients. This is an experience that will stay with you.

Our ambition is to be the #1 global professional services network. For us to achieve this strategy, we need individuals who behave and demonstrate key leadership attributes and make them PwC Professionals.


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Can you demonstrate...

I lead myself and others to make a difference and deliver results in a responsible, authentic, resilient, inclusive and passionate manner.

  • Are you able to take ownership of your personal development?
  •  Are you able to consistently deliver on multiple assignments even under pressure
  • Are you able to share and collaborate effectively with others creating a positive team spirit?
  • Are you able to uphold the firms code of ethics and business conduct and act as an ambassador for the firm at all times?

I bring business knowledge, innovation, and insight to create distinctive value for clients.

  • Are you able to learn about how the business works and how to add value to clients?
  • Are you able to think broadly and ask questions about data, facts and other information?
  • Are you able to use the tools and the techniques to support research, analyses and problem solving?
  • Are you able to quickly assimilate information as and when it becomes available?

I apply a range of technical capabilities to deliver quality and value for clients and PwC.

  • Are you able to produce high quality work which adheres to the relevant professional standards?
  • Are you able to learn about the firms' structure and technical competence?
  • Are you able to keep up to date with the technical developments in your area?
  • Are you able to validate data analyses for accuracy and relevance?

I operate and collaborate effectively with a mindset that transcends geographic and cultural boundaries.

  • Are you able to learn about other cultures and identify how they are different to your own?
  • Are you able to act quickly to understand the environment you are working in? 
  • Are you able to share knowledge and insights widely?
  • Are you able to seek opportunities to learn about other parts of the business across the Network?

I build relations of high value which are genuine and rooted in trust.

  • Are you able to communicate confidently in a clear, concise and articulate manner- verbally and in written form?
  • Are you able to communicate with empathy?
  • Are you able to actively listen and confirm your understanding by asking appropriate questions?
  • Are you able to keep others well informed about progress and outcomes?

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Geraldine Semakula

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