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Advisory services

PwC advisory practice, which comprises Deals and Consulting, is the partner of choice to assist global, local clients and governments.

How we can help

Enterprises in Uganda face a variety of challenges as they plan, organise, and execute their business operations in the country. These range from financing, planning, strategy development, attracting talent, having the right organisational structure, having the tools or knowledge to support the workforce and having suitable business processes to bolster the business model.

Our advisory practice helps organisations to transform, grow and work smarter. We focus on helping our clients improve the way they operate; innovate and grow; reduce costs; manage risks; leverage talent; and improve the way they do business.

In a complex and ever-changing global environment which requires continuous change and transformation, we combine our industry knowledge, subject expertise and collective experience to deliver value and ensure long term success to our clients. 


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We undertake the following services for our clients

Financial and operational effectiveness consultancy

PwC has developed a strong Finance, Strategy, and Operations practice which focuses on helping clients solve complex operational problems and structuring their finance function so as to improve its overall performance and effectiveness. By working in partnership with our clients, PwC has obtained an in-depth understanding of local issues and as such, we are able to equip the finance function to deliver effective support to the entire business.

We help our clients address the challenges in developing sustainable business strategies, achieving appropriate standards of control, removing inefficiencies in back office functions and support to the business through the following:

  • finance function effectiveness;
  • development of business plans and business strategies;
  • Shared services and outsourcing;
  • Business process mapping and improvement;
  • Performance bench marking;
  • assessment and improvements to controls;
  • development of finance and operational procedures manuals; and
  • Sustainable cost reduction.

Technology consultancy

Technology is a critical enabler for delivering lasting change to any organisation. PwC assists its clients by linking technology with people, processes, and the organisation through our expertise in IT Architecture, Enterprise Applications, IT Security, IT Outsourcing, IT Project Management, and IT Operations Excellence. We undertake the following IT services for our clients:

  • System Selection
  • IT shared services
  • IT strategy development
  • IT process benchmarking
  • IT service management

We work with our clients to help them apply technology to address their key business issues such as:

  • managing risk;
  • capturing value from deals;
  • growing revenue;
  • managing costs and business;
  • improving performance;
  • sourcing required IT systems; and

PwC leverages on its team of technology professionals and an extended global network of technology suppliers and systems integrators to provide scalable and cost effective delivery of a wide range of technologies.

Human resource consultancy

Companies in Uganda face huge challenges in recruiting and retaining talent in a very competitive marketplace. PwC's multidisciplinary approach allows us to advise on all aspects of Human Resource Management. These include:

  • helping our clients attract and retain talent;
  • assessing and designing organisational structures and aligning them to business strategies;
  • initiating and managing change programmes;
  • Organisational culture reviews and design;
  • improving staff performance
  • monitoring and management systems;
  • job analysis, job evaluations, and streamlining staff roles;
  • developing effective remuneration structures
  • Salary surveys

Independent business reviews

Where businesses are underperforming, in distress or in crisis, PwC provides tailored business review services either for financial stakeholders or for the business itself. These services clarify the situation for both parties and allow clearer evaluation of the available options which include:

  • providing clarity on the current financial and/or operational status of a business and the range of options available in the short and longer term for getting the business back on track
  • understanding the reasons for underperformance of the business
  • rebuilding of trust between the business and its financial stakeholders

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Patrick Matu

Patrick Matu

Associate Director - Advisory

Tel: +256 (0) 312 354 400

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