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Business strategy

Ask not what your businesses can do for you, but what you can do for them. By focusing on corporate center profitability, we help clients invest in effective internal governance and enterprise-wide differentiating capabilities, then fill in portfolios with businesses that gain the most from their unique mix of governance skills and enterprise capabilities.


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Strategija organizacije

Organization strategy

When an organization doesn’t meet its stakeholders’ needs and expectations, the cause may not be a misguided strategy or vision. Often, underperformance is a result of a misaligned strategy across a company's many complex, interacting organizational parts.

We leverage a strategy-backed operating model and organization design approach. We identify an organization’s strategic goals, assess the fit of the organization against those goals, and then identify and implement the change needed to create a fit-for-purpose business. Finally, we look to enable the change by harnessing tried and true cultural and teaming levers.

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Customer strategy

Today’s customers trust brands that deliver consistent, meaningful, and personalized experiences across all physical and digital touchpoints. To successfully create those experiences, companies must fully understand their customers and respond with the right capabilities, products, services, and channels. By leveraging the right mix of business, experience, and technology,we help clients exceed their customers’ expectations at every interaction and achieve lasting, profitable growth.

More than 80% of senior leaders say customer strategy will be one of their largest investment areas over the next three to five years. Are you one of them?


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Product and service innovation

Every company, in every industry, needs an innovation strategy — whether it be high-tech product innovation, packaging innovation in consumer goods, or process innovation at financial services companies. Now more than ever, innovation is key to growth, to acquiring and sustaining competitive advantage, and to building shareholder value for the long term. At the same time, the innovation process is fast becoming more open, and more global: Setting up shop in local markets around the world and getting customers more involved in innovation efforts are now a vital part of any successful innovation effort.

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Operations strategy

Operations executives are facing extraordinary new opportunities to be at the forefront of global business transformation. Digital operations are revolutionizing the way companies develop, make, and distribute their products and services.But the confluence of global trends, changing industry ecosystems, and groundbreaking digital technologies has also left growth-seeking companies awash in complexity — often without a way to bring it to order.The right set of differentiated operations capabilities can help you turn complexity into competitive advantage. 

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Tehnološka strategijaTehnološka strategija

Technology strategy

The digitization of IT and associated transformation to a smarter, faster, stronger IT operating model is dependent on a new type of IT worker. The distinctive characteristics of these workers are hard to come by, so much so that in a recent forum with several CIOs, the topic most discussed was how to attract, retain and develop the next generation technology employee.

The new IT worker is an amalgamation of role archetypes, and while there are countless combinations, one thing is for certain – IT’s biggest limiting factor to successfully leveraging technology to drive and sustain growth is its “people” challenge.

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