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Telecommunications, Entertainment and media

A strategic look at the backbone of the digital economy

As carriers’ networks increasingly support today’s connected life, telecoms executives are facing a wide range of challenges and opportunities. While data traffic is reaching new heights, pricing for connectivity isn’t: The forces of commoditization are real. Carriers are feeling the “cash squeeze” of continued demands to upgrade their networks versus stagnating revenues. Leaders are tasked with having to reinvent their businesses, finding new ways to differentiate and monetize their strategic assets, all while radically reducing spend levels and adapting their organizations to the demands of the digital age. In addition, the advent of next-generation networks and other new technologies present opportunities to invest and grow, or fail, which calls for analytical rigor and clarity in strategy in a highly dynamic environment.

We provide fresh perspectives to help our clients — including the world’s top wireline, wireless, cable, satellite, and alternative carriers — manage costs strategically and differentiate their businesses for sustainable growth.

A fan-focused future

These are turbulent times for many entertainment and media companies. The shift to digital is well past the tipping point. Changes in marketer and consumer spending continue to accelerate, necessitating new strategies and flexible business models for entertainment and media companies to thrive in increasingly global markets. But even amid disruption, some realities endure: The most valuable constituents in the entertainment and media industry remain the active, loyal, and passionate fans.

We believe that as the industry transitions to a more direct-to-consumer world, those companies—whether they’re global giants or small startups—that fully embrace a fan-centric approach to their business and how it functions will emerge as the new leaders. With deep industry experience, functional expertise, and international reach, we unite strategy and execution to deliver immediate impact and lasting value for B2C and B2B clients.

Enabling disruption

As innovations like cloud computing, machine learning, the Internet of Things, and robotics become increasingly common, technology companies are poised to disrupt nearly every industry. This rapid change and the huge potential for new customers brings great opportunities for the tech sector, but it also brings challenges.

We help clients make tough choices about what markets to pursue and what distinct capabilities to build for sustainable growth.

Oil and gas

A global footprint with deep industry expertise

Much of the oil and gas industry has gone through an especially tough few years with weaker demand and low prices. Efficiency improvements are beginning to bear fruit for the industry, as we witness the green shoots of a business recovery in the sector.

Strategy& brings deep industry expertise across the entire value chain, as well as functional capabilities to advise international and national oil and gas companies.

These strengths combined with our global footprint allow us to help IOCs, NOCs and Oil Services to grow and navigate the challenges of a rapidly evolving market. We partner with our clients to develop their strategies, improve their operating and financial performance, as well as optimize their portfolio.

Power and utilities

Strategy that works

Volatile energy prices, uncertain sources of supply, aggressive investor involvement, and intense regulatory scrutiny are driving fundamental change within the utilities industry. As these and other market forces create challenges, distinctive strategies, business model evolution, financial capacity, regulatory innovation, and efficient operations become table stakes for success.

PwC’s Strategy& brings an in-depth understanding of industry dynamics, extensive experience across the entire value chain, and broad functional capabilities to assist many of the world’s leading power and gas companies. Our global capabilities are delivered throughout the sector to traditional utilities, merchants, and marketers, as well as to financial sponsors, vendors and suppliers, and governments. Working side by side with our clients, we assist with strategy development and execution (including M&A transaction support), performance improvement, and technology-driven value realization.

Public sector

Bold, practical strategy that works

The roles, powers, and expectations of governments are evolving as they seek to address complex challenges that cut across bureaucracies and borders—challenges with implications for the future of communities across the globe. At PwC’s Strategy&, we advise government authorities, public institutions, and nongovernmental organizations (NGOs) around the world in core areas of public administration including finance and tax administration; social services and education; public health; energy, environment, and climate change; public safety, law enforcement, and justice; customs, immigration, and border security; defense and national security; economic development and planning; ICT policies and e-government; and transportation.


Winning online and off

Traditional retailers face disruption and existential challenges from the continued growth of online retail, taking customers and sales away from stores — and changing shopper expectations for product assortment, price, and retail experience. To compete, traditional retailers must redefine the role of the store, developing their own distinctive capabilities by leveraging both their physical and digital footprints.

At PwC’s Strategy&, we work with retailers around the world to define and execute the strategies they need to succeed in this environment. We help our clients develop distinct competitive capabilities and make tough choices to focus their resources on what matters most for growth — while reducing and eliminating costs in areas that do not drive competitive advantage.

Financial services

Turning challenges into opportunities

At PwC's Strategy&, we focus on helping financial companies build strength and stability. We assist clients on their path to coherence—aligning their strategy, capabilities, and portfolio of products and services. We have extensive experience working with leading financial services firms around the globe in areas including retail banking, commercial banking, private banking and wealth management, capital markets and investment banking, and insurance.


Embrace new technologies, offer new services

Fundamental shifts in populations, economics, technologies, regulations, and stakeholder expectations continue to create demand for new and expanded transportation systems and services. As digital native competitors proliferate, traditional transportation companies must find opportunity amid disruption.

At PwC’s Strategy&, we work with private- and public-sector transportation clients around the world to develop and execute sound strategies. With a deep understanding of the complex environment and market dynamics in which companies and agencies operate, our teams consult across all modes of transportation — providing expertise in a range of areas including business strategy, operations, organizational design, technology, digital capabilities, and regulatory policy.


Innovation that improves returns

PwC’s Strategy& has extensive experience in the global automotive industry, helping senior executives at vehicle manufacturers and suppliers address the critical strategic, operational, and systems issues required to succeed in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace. We deliver an integrated, capabilities-based, and authoritative industry perspective combined with deep expertise in growth strategy related to mobility and innovation, product and portfolio strategy, deals, operational excellence, people and organizations, and technology.

Being part of the PwC network means we’re uniquely positioned to provide strategy through execution, anywhere in the world. Our advisory services go beyond ideas, delivering a broad range of technical and functional services in important areas including risk management, industry and product forecasting, tax, and digital. As a result, you get the value you’re looking for: better insight, practical solutions, greater benefits, and a better return on investment.


Engage customers, create value

The healthcare landscape continues to transform in new ways. Amid escalating costs, quality challenges, uneven access to care, continued economic challenges, and ongoing healthcare reforms, companies must continue reassessing how best to serve and succeed in the market.

PwC’s Strategy& works with leading healthcare organizations around the globe on all these issues and much more to navigate the different bases of competition and build the capabilities necessary to deliver lasting value. We combine deep industry knowledge with extensive functional expertise to help clients including payors, health systems and other providers, life sciences companies, public health agencies, health NGOs, and advocacy organizations.

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