Business Consulting

Our experts from Business consulting practice can provide you with expertise in finance, performance, IT systems and regulation, and add value to your organisation by helping you control costs, optimise processes, maximise profitability and manage risk. We also provide solutions to companies which are experiencing a wide range of difficulties, from weakening performance and reduced operating profit to crisis marked by severe cash problems and the imminent threat of insolvency.

How can we support you:


How can we help

  • Cost management -  focuses on quickly delivering tangible saving and tangible efficiency opportunities for the client; focuses on improving weaknesses in the way costs are managed to drive continuous improvement and sustainability
  • Sourcing - help the client to set up shared services (including outsourcing, offshoring and nearshoring) to achieve improved efficiencies and economies of scale for the business
  • Support you to address  the challenges of achieving appropriate standards of control, efficient back office opportunities and support to the business through insight and challenge
  • Finance transformation – help evaluate and design finance strategy and processes
  • Finance target operating model - helps client design a FTOM that aligns their finance functions strategy with the underlying guiding principles. business service model, functional and interaction models, high level process design, system architecture and data models, governance and organisational models, and the location model
  • Finance technology - offers creating value trough projects such as: financial application platform integrations, standardisation of financial processes, data quality enhancement and software vendor consolidation (such as SAP and Oracle), improve operational efficiency and strengthen system driven processes and controls, drive improvement programs (e.g. system application upgrades) through business functions with information technology as the enabler
  • Enterprise performance management - we help clients with the underlying processes that deliver the composite parts of the right management information such as: strategic planning, budgeting and forecasting, closing the books and group reporting


How can we help

  • Support our clients to improve value, reduce waste and reduce cost to leave long sustainable benefit
  • Optimizing the operating processes and supply chain
  • Help our clients transform their key value chain functions, from customer management through to sourcing of services and goods
  • We apply proven cost management methodologies to facilitate agile responses to changing conditions and to drive business growth

Business and Marketing strategy

How can we help

  • Corporate strategy – determination of the right strategic priorities for profitable growth and support and practical solutions into achieving these growth objectives
  • Commercial and market due diligence – involves a comprehensive review of the company’s business plan in the context of projected market conditions and the industry/ competition

People & Change

How can we help

  • We help you to identify, design and implement the key people initiatives to support business strategy and optimise the value of human capital in your organisation
  • We assist you to success in your business which hinges on strategic agility and the ability to execute


How can we help

By assisting you to get value from technology investments. We bring together skills to deliver improvements in processes, as well as the knowledge in IT strategy, IT architecture and design, enterprise applications, sourcing, project management and IT operations management.


How can we help

  • We support clients in identifying, understanding and managing risk and help ensure an appropriate balance between risk and opportunities
  • We assist businesses in designing and implementing governance and compliance programmes to ensure that the company continues to operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations

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