Life at PwC Cambodia

What can you expect as a member of our organization? Your voice will be heard. Your contributions will be valued. And your need for a work-family balance will be respected. The result? An ideal work environment that supports your career goals. You will find that we are committed to creating a workplace where you can flourish.

Below you can find some of the ways we support you:

Management Support

For a shared purpose to become an intrinsic part of any one group's culture there must be strong leadership at the top. Clarity and consistency in communication from the top are widely recognized "best practices". We make every effort to give you the guidance, direction and advice you seek while also providing the flexibility and freedom you require to experiment and grow.


It's important that everyone in our organization is aware of our commitment, goals, on-going actions and results. For this reason, we provide open channels of communication that encourage participation and dialogue. Only then do we create an environment of mutual care and respect.


You will receive the appropriate training necessary to ensure you stay current in your field. This helps you define your personal responsibilities and increase your knowledge. It helps us reach our business objectives and provide better service to our clients.

Achieving a Balanced Lifestyle

Although ours is a demanding industry, we want to help you strike an effective balance between the demands of work and your personal life. Ultimately, our goal is not only to provide you with a better place to work, but for us to become a leader in employee satisfaction

Career Development

Emphasis is on broadening your knowledge and experience in an environment where you are given new responsibilities as quickly as you can handle them. You will have the opportunity to attend intensive, but highly social, training courses, while at the same time soak up information from within the firm and from your clients. Whatever kind of structure your training and development takes, your progress will be supported from day one.

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