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Audit and assurance services

Helping you navigate regulatory complexity and strengthen trust and transparency

We provide a broad range of assurance services at PwC in Jamaica. We focus on adding value to our clients' businesses and utilise our wealth of specialised industry knowledge to give them a competitive edge in a global economy that is constantly changing.

With more than 100 years in the business in Jamaica, we have deep expertise in assurance services. We believe that the quality of our services has been recognised by the business community and has resulted in an unmatched and prestigious client base.

We do not subscribe to the theory that audit services cannot be differentiated from one firm to another. Our audit and assurance services group is divided into industry specialised teams, which serve the banking, insurance, utilities, retail and distribution, hospitality, mining, agriculture and construction industries. We deliver extraordinary partner involvement, real time communications, a focus on business issues and a commitment to the delivery of creative business ideas.

Our assurance professionals use our state of the art, proprietary audit software, Aura. This facilitates efficient, real time documentation of audit work and electronic file sharing from any location island or world-wide.

In addition to various attest services, our audit professionals provide advice on accounting issues, Securities and Exchange Commission reporting, mergers and acquisitions, due diligence and a range of other matters.


IFRS 16 - Beyond the implementation

Most companies to-date have not identified benefits from IFRS 16 beyond compliance. They now have a treasure trove of lease data available, which combined with the right tools and data and analytics can be leveraged to inform improved lease versus buy decision making, reduce lease costs and better manage risks from leasing. Is your organisation ready to drive greater value from its IFRS 16 implementation? 

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