Infrastructure in Greece 2015


PwC Greece's study "Infrastructure: Funding the Future" outlines the infrastructure projects in Greece (transportation, energy, water works, waste management) which are already under implementation or at an advanced project plan design stage.

During the economic crisis in Greece there were few investments in infrastructure, which as a percentage of the GDP, collapsed from 3,7% (2006) to 1,1% (2015) thus losing €5,7 bn on a yearly basis (total loss of €50 bn). The infrastructure projects were dramatically influenced by the deep recession and the fiscal restrictions having as a result the reduction of the direct employment rate by 53%.

The infrastructure projects backlog in Greece reaches the amount of €20,7 bn while for the projects in progress it is €12,3 bn.

Out of the 78 projects scheduled to be delivered until 2022, 33% is energy related, 29% is metro/train related and 25% is related to road transportation.


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