Running side by side with MDA Hellas

PwC Greece provides pro bono services to MDA Hellas (Muscle Dystrophy Association for people with severe neuromuscular diseases) for more than 10 years.
Their vision matches our Corporate Responsibility pillar for inclusion and equal opportunities. And most importantly, our people embrace MDA’s cause by offering big volunteering support.

PwC's Running team members help MDA patients on wheelchairs to participate in the Athens Marathon and Half-Marathon, forming the “Finish Liners” team. Before the Marathon, we organise an internal crowdfunding for “sponsoring” our Running Team members to the benefit of MDA. PwC Greece matches the funds raised. We celebrate the Athens Marathon in our offices together with the MDA Finish Liners and MDA members, including Paralympics athletes.

This year, 31 PwC runners and Gloria Privileggio ran the Athens Marathon with MDA Finish Liners. We also organised an internal fundraising for MDA athletes preparing for Paralympic Games. We celebrated our runners with an internal event with MDA and Gloria Privileggio to say 'thank you' and 'well done'.

Our volunteers also provide hands-on help to MDA in fundraising events, such as the MDA Brands Bazaar and the Christmas and Easter Bazaars of PwC. 

Within the framework of our MDA support, we empower MDA patient and Paralympics swimmer Alexandra Stamatopoulou.

Our support to MDA Hellas gained recognition in the Greek market, we won Silver in the category 'Cause Advocacy' at the Hellenic Responsible Business Awards 2018.


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