PwC Greece empowers Alexandra Stamatopoulou

For the past 7 years PwC Greece has been supporting MDA with pro bono services and the volunteerism of our people. Also, the PwC running team is a strong advocate of the MDA Finish Liners effort, helping people with disabilities run the Athens Marathons.

Running at the Athens Marathon 2016 together with the MDA Finish Liners, we met Alexandra Stamatopoulou, MDA patient and Marathon Finish Liner. Alexandra is a swimming champion in Rio Paralympics and has won medals and recognitions in many other international competitions. She’s also a logotherapist and amateur wheelchair dancer.

As part of our Corporate Responsibility programme for inclusion and equal opportunities, we decided to empower Alexandra Stamatopoulou not only in her preparation to represent our country in Paralympics swimming but also in her personal development.

A team of PwC volunteers support Alexandra’s development in different ways, while our firm offers financial contribution to her training and physiotherapy needs. Our volunteers are training Alexandra in order to enable her to have more opportunities in work and personal development. These trainings include soft skills, familiarisation with IT applications, as well as personal development coaching sessions.

Alexandra is currently training for the Tokyo 2020 Paralympics.

We congratulate Alexandra Stamatopoulou for winning 2 Bronze and 1 Silver medal at the World ParaSwimming Championship in Mexico in December 2017. Alexandra reimagines the possible everyday and we are proud to empower her.


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