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We hire graduates from all backgrounds into different teams across our firm. With our diverse range of businesses and types of work, you can use your degree in more ways than you think with us.

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Talent Program Information

If you have completed an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, our Rotational Graduate Programs offer you a full-time and permanent placement at PwC. You will accelerate your career by tackling challenges with some of the largest organizations within Greece.

Our Rotational Graduate programs will seat you right at the heart of PwC working closely with our professionals and clients to solve some of the most important problems today. When you join the Rotational Graduate Programs, you will:

  • Rotate at least between 2 or maximum 3 different teams in order to investigate your perfect fit
  • Receive technical and professional development working with staff and clients
  • Collaborate and engage with some of the largest high-profile organizations 
  • Build your career and social networks with life-long connections
  • Participate in projects with the potential to make a broad social impact
  • Greatly expand your career potential with a globally respected organization
  • Work in a flexible environment that trusts you to work from "Wherever Works"


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What we are looking for

At PwC we recognise and respect the amazing array of transferable skills of Graduates, who with the right coaching, training and exposure will develop into leaders and will help us fulfill an elevated role in the Future of Assurance.  This is what PwC offers to you! Our graduate development opportunities combine Coaching, “on the job training” and a lot of technical & soft skills training to give our graduates the best possible first step on the career ladder.

As a Graduate, you’ll be assessed against the competencies of our global framework, the PwC Professional. This is how we define and encourage leadership at all levels, and many of our senior partners have grown from this program. So if you think your purpose and values align with ours, would like to influence and affect the positive growth of our world and want to start your career off with focus and purpose, then apply and be part of PwC.

Our purpose is to build trust in society and solve important problems, and you will be able to impact and develop that purpose. We come from all types of degree backgrounds and life experiences, and bring our unique view, creativity, and innovation to our teams.

What’s it like to work in a PwC Rotational Program?

Teamwork and Technology will be central to everything you do.

There are two Talent Rotational Programs:

Financial Services Rotational Program

Are you ready to deep dive in the Financial Services industry?

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Be part of our Graduate Rotational Program in Financial Services to work with the best Assurance and Advisory teams, engaged in an industry with immense learning opportunities and accelerate your career with us!

For the first three years you will be coached by top professionals to gain valuable insights and understand key trends shaping the FS industry alongside how clients' business works. You will have the opportunity to develop unique and diversified skills through high scale projects in Financial Services, by working in rotation assignments between Assurance , Consulting & Deals departments. 

A unique opportunity to combine a fast career acceleration with a dedicated learning path. How about becoming qualified with ACA/ACCA which is funded 100% by PwC at the same time? 

At the end of the program you’ll be in position to decide along with your coach where you think your unique abilities, knowledge and capabilities can bring the most value by choosing a career between Assurance & Advisory. 

What will your day-to-day role evolve:

Core Audit/Financial Services:.

  • Engagement in Audit projects, working in teams of qualified professionals
  • Conduct high quality audits to an unprecedented range of clients using the latest digital tools 
  • Effective interaction with clients, in order to understand their needs and deliver solutions 
  • Building long term relationships with clients
  • Use of leading edge auditing tools and analytical capabilities to assess potential risks,  analyze financial statements and provide trust over financial reporting.

Financial Services (FS Risk & Regulation/FS Customer & Operations/FS Insurance):

  • Advise financial institutions on banking regulations, supervisory guidelines and expectations on institutions’ risk management practices and capital position
  • Designing regulatory compliance organization optimization and transformation activities
  • Help financial institutions with risk analytics and the development, deployment, and maintenance of models that are used for risk management, risk valuation, and financial/regulatory reporting purposes.
  • Support Financial Services Companies in their transformation journey from strategy to execution focusing on business models transformation, customer experience and operational excellence.
  • Actuarial calculating and programming of technical reserves for both life and nonlife insurance companies.
  • Actuarial support for M&A and due diligence projects.
  • Delivering various operations-related consulting projects for Greek and International insurance companies.


  • Engagement in Corporate Finance Transaction, Business Recovery, Fraud & Forensics, Real Estate projects.

  • Assisting in the research and financial analysis of Greek and Foreign markets

  • Effective interaction with clients, in order to understand their needs and respond to queries in a timely manner.

  • Building long term relationships with clients.

Tax Advice Rotational Program

Are you ready to deep dive in the Tax Advice sector?

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Be part of our Graduate Rotational Program in Tax Advice to work with the best Tax Advice teams and grow your career in the global leading professional services firm in Greece.

For the first few years you will be coached by top professionals to gain valuable insights and understand key trends shaping the Tax Advice industry alongside how client’s business works.

You will have the opportunity to develop unique and diversified skills through high scale projects by rotating in 3 different Tax advice teams, while gaining the Long Term Tax Seminar.

At the end of the program you’ll get the opportunity to decide where you think your unique abilities, knowledge and skills can bring the most value by choosing a career amongst the Tax Advice teams.

What will your day-to-day role evolve:

Transfer pricing:

  • Help various multinational clients to meet their documentation compliance obligations in Greece and/ or abroad.
  • Design and analysis of complex intercompany transactions (from tangible goods transactions to intercompany financing through the development and licensing of intangible property).
  • Preparation of a well-balanced and properly timed diagnostic process that will allow our clients to identify gaps in their intercompany transactions and develop an action plan to address particularly sensitive discrepancies.
  • Supporting clients with other Transfer Pricing matters such as Advanced Pricing Agreements (“APA”), Dispute Resolutions with the aim of reducing any risk of double taxation when bilateral or multilateral.

International Business:

  • Provision of advice/opinions on all direct tax matters, including advice on withholding taxes, exit taxation, corporate deductions etc.
  • Provision of support into any tax objection filings, documentation and arguments on behalf of the Company.
  • Application for tax refunds, preparation of documentation to support such refunds and detailing the arguments put forward to the tax authorities on behalf of Company as and when requested.
  • Provision on updates on tax legislation.
  • Provision of advice on tax incentives.
  • Identification of available incentives meeting client's needs and relevant support (i.e. development law, 22A, strategic investments etc.

Tax Advice/Financial Services:

  • FS team assists many of the largest financial services organizations operating in the following segments of the financial industry: banking, capital markets, insurance, investment management and real estate.
  • We assist our clients with envisaged Groups' restructurings, exploring specific tax implications that could be of key interest as well as the optimum and most efficient structure from a tax perspective.
  • We undertake to draft detailed or high-level tax advice memorandums and reports examining tax queries and potential tax implications (direct and indirect taxation) that could affect the business operation.
  • We support our clients facing day-to-day tax related issues by providing comments on ad hoc queries.
  • We have great experience in mergers assisting our clients to select the most appropriate tax law framework for their restructuring providing for tax incentives for their specific case. We also support our clients throughout the implementation phase whenever it is required.
  • Our team specialises also in real estate tax structuring and more specifically in the review and assessment of the current structure and the organisation of the optimum structure for the acquisition of real estate properties in Greece.
  • We support our clients with the communication with the Greek tax authorities in order to request clarifications, submit written queries or claims, etc.
  • We stay up to date in relation to the latest developments on tax legislation and do research for topical issues which could be of our clients' interest.

Indirect Tax - Customs & International Trade services:

  • Diagnostic VAT reviews in order to identify potential risks and opportunities.
  • Assistance in designing the strategy for indirect taxes so as to manage their impact on the company’s financials, risk portfolio and organization.
  • Support during tax audits and litigation.
  • Advice on strategy and planning to mitigate indirect tax costs/risks.
  • Assistance during discussions with tax authorities and drafting of individual inquiries to the competent authorities
  • Assistance in applying for VAT registration & de-registration in Greece (for both EU and non-EU entities).
  • Special schemes for duty and VAT suspension.
  • Customs simplifications to improve cash flow and accelerate customs clearance.
  • Duty savings through the application of preferential arrangements or free trade agreements.
  • Advice on tariff classification.
  • Special requirements or restrictions relating to the import or export of goods.
  • Excise products.
  • Trade and regulatory obligations of the supplier, producer, distributor or seller of products entering the EU market through Greece (such as food & product safety, packaging and labeling, special Regulatory licenses, etc.).
  • Customs valuation issues in complex transactions.
  • Support in customs audits and representation before the customs authorities.

Tax Due Diligence and Tax Mergers & Acquisition:

  • In vendor tax due diligence we aim to address tax issues and concerns that may be relevant to even the most demanding purchaser. We perform an in-depth assessment on the ”tax health” of the company that is being sold.
  • In buyer tax due diligence we aim to identify and quantify actual and potential tax liabilities that have not been taken into account by the target. We assist the buyer to obtain a clear picture of the target's current tax position which is critical for making right decisions about managing transaction risk early in the process.
  • We outline key information regarding the tax affairs of the target, including its tax status, how its tax affairs are handled, and the main tax attributes.
  • We point out material deviations from the correct implementation of the Greek tax law provisions, which could lead to the imposition of significant taxes and fines in a future tax audit as well as to report on key tax attributes of the target.
  • We assist the clients with understanding industry issues that affect the deal and their potential tax implications.
  • We support the clients in understanding of the target’s business operations by reviewing financial data and tax returns.
  • We identify key tax issues and possible deal-breakers.
  • We quantify (where possible) tax exposure and recommend potential ways for mitigating the risk.
  • We advise on how to manage tax risks associated with the transaction.
  • On the stage of the M&A sale process, our tax M&A team comments/ prepares tax warranties and specific indemnities (especially in light of our tax due diligence findings, as applicable) on the share purchase agreement (“SPA").
  • Tax structuring services include examination of alternative ways of any merger/acquisition to be performed and assessment on the relevant tax implications; provision of tax comments on a step by step analysis and comments on any restructuring.

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