Sustainability and climate change

Sustainability issues are having an increasingly dramatic impact on businesses, investors, consumers, the workforce and governments. Whilst the Covid-19 pandemic has caused widespread disruption, it has also provided momentum and opportunity to rethink and reconfigure for resilience.

How we can help

PwC's Sustainability practice helps organisations plan, source, deliver, finance and measure the wider impact of products and services. We’re helping to future-proof businesses by making them more resilient, agile and sustainable.

We provide guidance on a wide variety of issues, working with clients from the corporate, private equity and public sector. We're specialists in how organisations can spot the risks and harness the opportunities.

We help companies transform to achieve long term sustainable growth. We have in- company experts in each of the relevant fields, ranging from strategy to climate change, sustainable finance, Corporate Social Responsibility and ESG. We can help you improve your ESG performance and meet the expectations of various internal and external stakeholder groups.

Our Services

Sustainability and climate is increasingly being built into the core of organizations, reflected in purposes and missions, managed across operations and linked to financing and investment decisions.

Organizations who recognize these changes and take action to reorient their strategic directions have the potential not only to protect but to enhance their reputations and positioning for future success.

We help our clients design and implement their ESG, sustainability or Corporate Social Responsibility strategies, integrate them into corporate strategy, measure their impact, align with UN Sustainable Development Goals and meet financing and investment requirements (i.e. EBRD and IFC requirements).

Moreover, we help our clients develop their ESG target operating models and establish an ESG policies and procedures framework.

There is growing consensus that organizations, investors and governments can no long rely solely on traditional financial information for decision making. Organizations are increasingly asked by different stakeholder groups to enhance and improve their ESG reporting and commit to targets that will enable a sustainable future growth.

Our add value services include:

  • execution of stakeholders engagement and materiality analysis exercises,
  • preparation of impactful reports that adhere all applicable standards (GRI, SASB, UN Global Compact, CDP, Ecovadis), link to UN Sustainable Development Goals and incorporate quantitate and qualitative strategic targets.
  • provision of sustainability assurance services, based on international auditing standards.
  • assist in compliance with the EU non-Financial Reporting (NFR) Directive and readiness assessments on upcoming regulatory changes related to NFR.

Additionally, through our reporting services, we assist our clients to standardize and further automate their ESG, sustainability or CSR reporting process.

ESG is gaining traction across asset classes and managing ESG issues can create long term value for investors and their portfolio companies.

PwC has the tools, methods and experience to enable investors to effectively drive incremental value from ESG. We apply our strong capability and deep knowledge of ESG to help clients develop an effective approach to the management of ESG factors on existing or target investments.

Risks and opportunities related to climate change is an emerging issue for organizations, across all sectors. Climate issues are linked to energy transition, product and services transformation, access to financing, assets valuation and supply chain. Organizations now focus on climate change and its consequences, both from a risk perspective and in the context of existing or upcoming regulations.

We help organization transform to Net Zero, increase their climate resilience, perform a climate related risks and scenario analysis, incorporate climate risks in their risk appetite framework and meet the requirements of applicable standards and frameworks, including TCFD and ECB guide on climate risks.

PwC Greece Maritime Sustainability Center

PwC Greece established the Maritime Sustainability Centre in 2016. Through the Maritime Sustainability Centre, which was established in 2016, PwC has developed an expertise in ESG and sustainability related issues affecting the shipping industry. Our dedicated shipping sustainability/ ESG experts halp companies prepare their ESG reports, improve their ESG ratings, comply with applicable environmental regulations and design their strategies towards IMO 2050 and reduction of carbon footprint.

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ESG Intelligence tool

ESG Intelligence tool is an industry agnostic business intelligence platform, used to assist companies across all sectors monitor and report their Environmental, Social and Governance performance.

The tool is built in a Microsoft’s Power BI solution, a cloud-based business analytics application that performs data acquisition and transformation, data modeling and visualization with increased speed and efficiency to deliver insights that enable fast, informed decisions. It meets the highest safety and cyber security standards and is easily accessible by licensed users using their mobile devices, laptops, PC or tablets.

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