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Αccounting Outsourcing

Accelerating the market's objectives as a trusted partner by engaging the right people and leveraging their experience of how business works, powered by advanced technology.

PwC's Accounting Outsourcing team, made up of more than 120 professionals, provides services to a wide range of clients across many different industries including high-tech, banking, pharmaceutical, retail, private equity fund, auto, media & entertainment and energy, among others.

We offer a wide spectrum of outsourcing services in the finance and accounting area and work with companies of all sizes.

A solution to adopt accounting outsourcing services, may be the answer to regulatory compliance and cost saving. Improvement and integration of accounting and reporting into the finance function has never been more important than it is today. However, the objectives extend well beyond these, to other strategic payoffs - such as better reporting, increased control and transparency, and an improved ability to respond to market changes.

Global fast-changing environment in terms of business, regulatory and technology requirements is forcing companies to seek new ways to comply and at the same time satisfy business demands in a competitive and efficient way.  Outsourcing enables a company to allocate management resources better, accelerate the capture of savings and guarantee part or all of those savings through contractual commitments to cost and service targets, thereby reducing a company’s risk. Integrated outsourcing can help companies gain benefits beyond cost reduction and drive high performance.

We provide tailored outsourcing solutions to meet clients’ business needs, either at your location or remotely.

We aim to help you add value to your organisation by providing the following strategic benefits:

  • Reduce business risk by transferring liability to us
  • Focus on core business and gain a competitive edge with sophisticated technology and people
  • Enhance risk management with rigorous disaster recovery mechanisms and detailed back up plans
  • Close collaboration with other PwC Advisory Consulting teams
  • No staff problems, i.e. turnover, HR Management, training
  • Free up internal resources for mission-critical activities
  • Access to cutting-edge technology solutions / Accelerate migration to new technology

We work with you to design innovative solutions based on our industry expertise, with the following offerings:

Core services

  • Assistance in the initial set-up of the full set of accounting books and records system (chart of accounts, accounting policy, software);
  • Bookkeeping services;
  • Preparation of annual financial statements;
  • Direct and indirect Tax Returns preparation and filing;
  • Regulatory Filings per Industry specific requirements 

Special projects

  • Accounting review and related advisory services;
  • Accounting reconciliation service (e.g. mapping between global and local financial systems, inter-company reconciliation);
  • Secondment services (e.g. Accounting Manager, experienced Accountant);
  • Co-sourcing services by working with the client’s team in order to complete a series of accounting tasks

We provide value-added services in the following areas:

Business Insight

Understanding the vision of the Finance and Accounting function actively engaged with supporting planning, strategic goals and objectives.


Performing tasks on a timely and cost effective manner through simplified and standardized process that leverage technology.

Compliance and control

Mitigate any risks arizing from accounting and tax exposure. 

Evangelos Mavrogiannis

Director, Outsourcing, Accounting Outsourcing, Athens, PwC Greece

+30 21 0687 4057


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