Government and Public Sector

  • How can public service providers adapt in an age of austerity?
  • How best can we finance public services in the future?
  • How can public services be more accountable to citizens?
  • How can cities and regions make the most of their potential?

Our government experience and expertise

PwC can offer comprehensive solutions to the Public Sector aiming at the optimisation of financial results and the efficiency and productivity of organisational units. Working together with our clients - across central and local government and state owned enterprises - we look for answers on how to increase efficiencies while improving quality and outcomes. We also strive to develop solutions that not only add value but are also practical to implement.

How we can add value to government and public sector services

We have been a key reference point in public sector advisory for over 20 years and have a team with expertise in areas ranging from policy making and strategy development to public enterprise restructuring, government process reengineering, monitoring and impact evaluation.

Specifically, we are able to provide you with the following services:

The central Government will have to go through a transformation process to increase efficiency, productivity and transparency of its operations. At the same time, public service providers, under a new “post crisis” role, should boost growth and enhance value to the private sector. Our multi-disciplinary team can assist you in the following areas:

  • strategy formulation and support in institutional changes
  • drafting of e-Government and ICT strategies
  • development of alternative transaction channels (one-stop-shops, internet services, etc)
  • government process reengineering
  • organisational restructuring and workforce planning
  • reform programme management and implementation

One of the biggest challenges of the Government is to cope with substantial pressure due to restricted budgets and increased demand for public goods and services. One essential reform for improving the management of public finance is the implementation of accrual accounting which is compliant with the International Public Sector Accounting Standards (IPSAS). We can help with:

  • restructuring of accounting and budgetary principles
  • introduction of contemporary financial controls and monitoring mechanisms
  • systems (design and implementation)
  • people training and change management

The complexity of the factors affecting cities’ potential, as well as urban and regional development and constrained public budgets, force new paths for economic growth. Also, the development of sustainable and competitive cities that we need now and in the future, requires an integrated strategic approach. Our services include:

Local Development:

  • strategic planning and positioning for cities/regions
  • local development programming
  • social and economic impact analysis
  • funding advice and application of financial instruments (ie JESSICA)


  • municipal services enhancement
  • financial management
  • process improvement, performance monitoring and benchmarking
  • internal and external audit

Reduction of administrative burden (AB) is one of the key issues that will improve the business environment and will increase citizen satisfaction towards the government. We advise the central and local governments on the full cycle of AB reduction. Our services include:

  • drafting of legislative changes
  • business process improvement
  • reducing regulations
  • reducing the obligatory provision of information and its frequency
  • simplifying the preparation and processing of this information

Public Sector companies in Greece undergo important developments such as major organisational and IT restructurings, privatisations, IPOs, governance and rapid cost reductions. We are able to offer:

  • business and financial planning
  • organisational restructuring and change management
  • business process reengineering
  • procurement transformation
  • HR systems, policies, compensation schemes
  • internal audits

Our Public Sector group is available to meet and discuss your issues and concerns. With their strategic and multi-disciplinary approach, they will work with you to find the optimum solutions.

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