Advisory services

Our advisory people work hard every day to help companies navigate change, improve their operations, grow their business and deliver value to their customers. With advisory professionals located across the Caribbean, we have a large footprint in the region.

We start by listening to our clients. We’re here to help you anticipate challenges and design creative strategies to sustain and grow your business. Because we’re on the ground every day in the Caribbean, working with clients across multiple industries, we’re familiar with the economic challenges you and your customers face and tailor the solutions to help you through trying times.

Clients tell us that they want strategic advice that they can execute across their business. And we’re uniquely positioned to deliver this.

Our advisory teams take time to understand your business and the issues and challenges you face. We’re interested in long-term relationships rather than short-term fixes. We apply local, Caribbean and global knowledge to help you challenge convention and introduce and deliver strategies that work specifically for you.


How we can help you


Growth and change: two realities that no business can afford to ignore. Our consulting teams will offer your company sustainable strategies to help you innovate and grow while reducing costs and managing talent wisely. We’ll also help you develop the agility and creativity necessary to respond to rapidly changing environments. You’ll gain unique, value-added solutions based on industry and technical knowledge and our collective experience from across PwC. Our consulting teams offer solutions in the following areas:


Cybersecurity and Privacy

Our comprehensive cybersecurity solutions assist businesses with assessing, building and managing their cybersecurity capabilities, and enabling effective incident response to a myriad of potential threats.

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Our deals teams can add value by bringing our advisory colleagues to the table to help you tackle a wide array of complex integration, business recovery and sustainability issues. For deals, you’ll receive a consistent, streamlined and deeper solution, which can help increase deal value. We’ll work with you to help develop the right strategy before the deal, execute the deal seamlessly, identify issues and points of negotiation and value, and implement improvements after the deal.

Our highly credentialed business recovery services teams will tackle the issues you face in today’s challenging environment to protect and unlock business value. We know the Caribbean region and its business environment. We know business recovery services. Our experience ranges from managing liquidations and receiverships to helping achieve complete business turnarounds:

  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Divestitures
  • Corporate and project financing
  • Valuations
  • Business recovery services
  • Business and security
  • Internal business reviews and monitoring
  • Loan portfolio reviews


Risk consulting

Our risk consulting teams can help you identify, understand and manage risk, and achieve an appropriate balance between risks and opportunities. We’ll design and implement governance and compliance programmes to enable your company to operate within the boundaries of relevant legislation and regulations. Together, we’ll build a culture of doing the right thing.


Forensic services

Whatever the complexity or urgency of your business dispute or legal challenge, our forensic services teams can provide seasoned support and solutions. We combine forensic accounting and investigative skills to organisations facing issues with financial and legal implications. Whether in the boardroom or the courtroom, we’ll help you make intelligent, informed decisions. We can assist in the following forensic areas:

  • Anti-money laundering
  • Fraud prevention and investigation
  • Disputes
  • Accounting irregularities investigations


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Brian Hackett

Territory Leader, Regional Advisory Leader, PwC Trinidad and Tobago

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