Spot on magazine


Kenya Spot On Magazine 2016

Spot On magazine focuses on current issues and trends for businesses in the manufacturing, agriculture, oil & gas, retail, entertainment, tourism and hospitality sectors.

In this edition, we focus on how some socio-economic trends are shaping and disrupting the business environment.

Our experts provide points of view on the following trends:

  • Universal health coverage: Pipe dream or possibility?
  • Kenya's motor vehicle sector of tomorrow
  • Digital migration and the future of digital entertainment
  • Managing human resources through data analytics 
  • Kenya's internal audit profession of tomorrow
  • How to catch fraudsters with data analytics
  • Why should organisations worry about payroll compliance?
  • Trust matters to Kenya's private company owners
  • Value Added Tax and Customs Duty: Challenges for sub-contractors in the Oil & Gas sector
  • Globalisation and its tax discontents

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