Tax Publications

PwC Jamaica is known for its timely and insightful assessment of the impact of Jamaican budgetary measures and other taxation issues on the Jamaican economy and businesses. Below you will find a series of our latest newsletters.

  • Tax Alert: Jamaica implements New Transfer Pricing Regime

    The Jamaican Parliament has now passed the Income Tax (Transfer Pricing Documentation) Regulations 2015 which, together with the recently passed Income Tax (Amendment) (No. 2) Act 2015, give effect to this new transfer pricing regime.The new regime will have far-reaching income tax implications (including new reporting obligations) for all taxpayers who engage in transactions with related parties. We are pleased to provide you with our Tax Alert concerning the implementation of a new comprehensive transfer pricing regime in Jamaica.

  • Jamaica: 2016/17 Budget

    View our preliminary analysis of the 2016/17 Opening Of The Budget Debate which was presented in Parliament on 12 May 2016 by Dr. the Honourable Audley Shaw, Minister of Finance & the Public Service.

  • GCT on Imported Services

    In his budget presentation of 30 April 2014, the Honourable Dr. Peter Phillips, Minister of Finance and Planning, stated that, as a revenue raising measure, the regulations surrounding the imposition of GCT on imported services would be enhanced. We are pleased to provide you with our Newsletter, specifically looking at GCT on imported services

  • GCT Bill

    The Government of Jamaica (GoJ) tabled a Bill in Parliament on Tuesday, 10 June, entitled the General Consumption Tax (Amendment) Act 2014. It seeks to implement further reforms to Jamaica’s General Consumption Tax (GCT) regime. Our Newsletter provides you more information on the Bill.

  • Minimum Business Tax

    The Minimum Business Tax regime, which is in effect from 1 April 2014, imposes a minimum business tax of J$60,000 per annum on specified taxpayers. Our News Alert provides you with answers to certain key questions you may have regarding the regime.

  • 2014/15 Revenue Measures Revised

    Following an outcry from a wide cross-section of the society, the Honourable Dr. Peter Phillips, Minister of Finance and Planning on 30 April 2014, announced that there would be an abandonment of the proposed levy on withdrawals from deposit taking institutions and encashments from securities dealers. He further announced the imposition of a withholding tax on insurance premiums paid to non-resident insurers and the enforcement of the requirement for local purchasers of services from non-residents to account for the GCT on those services. There were also other revisions to the Revenue Measures previously mentioned in his presentation to the House of Representatives on 17 April 2014.

  • 2014/15 Budget Newsletter

    Our preliminary analysis of the 2014/15 Budget Presentation presented in Parliament on 17 April 2014  by Dr. the Honourable Peter D. Phillips, Minister of Finance Planning.

  • The Charities Act

    An overview of the tax benefits of the new Jamaican Charities Act

  • Fundamental Incentives Reform

    Our analysis to the fiscal incentives as outlined by the Honourable Minister of Finance

  • Taxing Times

    Presentation on the impact of the IMF Agreement on GoJ Tax Policy and Administration

  • 2013/14 Budget Newsletter

    Our newsletter highlights the Jamaican Government's plan to fund the 2013-14 Expenditure Budget of J$520.9 billion.

  • 2012/13 Post Budget Forum Presentations

    Presentations from our Post Budget Forum held on June 12, 2012.

  • 2012/13 Budget Amendments

    The Government's Ministry paper detailing the revised measures following the Minister's initial presentation of the 2012/13 Fiscal Budget

  • Debt constrains reform options

    Our May 2012 analysis of the Jamaican Minister of Finance’s 2012/13 budget presentation.

  • From Stabilisation to Growth?

    Our April 2011 analysis of the Jamaican Minister of Finance’s 2011/12 budget presentation.

  • No New Taxes but Tax Evaders Beware!

    PwC’s April 2010 commentary and analysis of the 2010/11 Jamaica Budget.

  • New Tax Measures – an Update

    January 2010 commentary on new revenue enhancing legislation.

  • New Tax Measures – New Issues

    Our comments and analysis of new tax measures announced in December 2009.

  • Removal of Preferential Tax Rules

    July 2009 implementation update #2 on 2009/10 tax measures.

  • Advancing Tax Reform.

    PwC Jamaica’s June 2009 implementation update regarding 2009/10 tax measures.

  • Difficult Decisions in Challenging Times

    April 2009 critical analysis and commentary on the 2009/10 Jamaica Budget