Training And Education

A Breakaway Approach.

Our breakaway approach to developing our people is driven by client needs and also with the aim of bringing to life our brand "People, Knowledge, Worlds". To establish us clearly as the employer of choice in professional services.

Learning and education is far more than training. We weave the learning process into everything we do. The traditional approaches of purely classroom training and employer-determined development plans are only a small part of our new approach.

Knowledge and skills transfer has been moved largely to the work environment. We aim to create a whole new work culture.

We ensure that you are constantly aware of your progress and have the opportunity to develop your capabilities and potential. Your contribution and performance will therefore be formally reviewed at least annually in an appraisal meeting.

This is an opportunity for open and positive two-way communication between you and your counsellor. It is designed to identify your strengths as well as identify any areas where performance may need to be enhanced.

In addition, you will receive ongoing and constructive feedback on your client assignments through performance appraisal discussions with your manager.

Learning is for everyone, whatever your role. You will be encouraged to participate in your own development by bringing forward ideas on how best to develop your career and potential. You may speak to your counsellor at any time about your career progression within the firm.

Learning is therefore becoming a totally integrated activity, no longer separate from our work. The payoff is making PricewaterhouseCoopers the first career choice of the world's brightest, most talented people.