People and organisation

Our human capital consulting services

We understand that managing employees can be one of your biggest challenges but also your greatest asset. Our human capital consulting team provides consulting and outsourcing services to help organisations effectively manage their investment in people. We can help you with compensation and benefits, recruitment, organisational effectiveness, performance measurement, compliance, tax and employee communications.  

Our approach

We look for fresh perspectives, to challenge standard approaches, and to develop and implement new solutions for complex global human resource (HR) issues. We provide a tactical link with our international network of human resource, recruitment, international assignment, benefits and tax professionals to address HR issues in an integrated and cohesive way.

Key advantages and benefits:

  • Largest human resource consultancy group in the world
  • Strong team in the British Virgin Islands and throughout the Caribbean, who understand the challenges of this marketplace
  • Breadth of technical expertise in HR, recruitment accounting, tax and compliance, accessible though global and local networks
  • Close monitoring of market trends and HR best practices to keep you ahead of issues
  • Responsive business partner ready to assist when needed

A full range of solutions

Our core service areas:

Executive search and selection

Recruitment is crucial to an organisation’s success. The challenge is to recruit people with the required level of knowledge and experience, who also share the aspirations and ambitions of their new employer and have the ability to fit in with the new culture.

We’re committed to exceptional service in recruiting people that will help your organisation excel. Using the PwC global network and our local knowledge and focus, we know where to find, and how to recruit, the best talent worldwide. We seek to know your business and understand your objectives and culture. We have a reputation for providing recruitment success, through search and selection, with the flexibility to deliver your needs to your timescales.

If this is your situation

  • You have insufficient in-house HR expertise to deal with senior recruitment and specialist resourcing issues.
  • You’re looking for a comprehensive selection procedure that saves you time and provides the information you need to make informed recruitment decisions.
  • You’re looking to recruit for a key post and need executive search services from people who not only know the local market, but also have the networks and capabilities to search internationally.
  • You’ve tried unsuccessfully to recruit a position internally but are now looking for professional guidance and contacts to get the right person for your business.
  • You’re looking to recruit an individual from abroad and require assistance in understanding the regulations and requirements of the immigration process.

How PwC can support you

  • We can offer depth and breadth of industry and functional recruitment experience.
  • We have the capability to headhunt almost anywhere in the world.
  • We have a reputation for recruitment success, using local knowledge and international contacts.
  • We offer professional and credible recruitment selection procedures and have the flexibility to build a process tailored to your business needs.
  • We have consultants with in-depth immigration experience, who can provide consulting and administrative services to ensure smooth process and compliance with government standards.

PwC’s executive search and selection services:

  • Executive search
  • Executive selection
  • Database search and selection
  • Assessment services, occupational personality and ability testing
  • Immigration and relocation services

Total rewards solutions

Today's workforce demands to be compensated in a variety of ways. They look at base pay, annual and long-term incentives, perquisites, benefit plans, and work-life balance programmes as deciding factors when choosing to stay with a current employer or join a new company.

Whether your organisation operates in one or many countries, our human resources consulting team, with our global reach, is uniquely positioned to help you develop effective total rewards programmes on a local and international basis. Our experts help organisations implement programmes that meet the needs and strategy of your business while complying with regulatory issues.

If this is your situation

  • You want to align reward strategies with business objectives to create value for shareholders.
  • You want to confirm that your current reward plans are tax-efficient.
  • Your employees don’t understand their reward packages.
  • You want to ensure your reward plans are competitive in the marketplace and need to justify remuneration packages to shareholders and other stakeholders.
  • You need to comply with new legislation and corporate governance codes.
  • You need to make changes to your current benefit plans to contain future anticipated cost increases.

How PwC can support you

  • We have the ability to create reward plans that match the needs and strategy of your business.
  • We focus on balancing risk management, cost reduction and employee perception of value within your plan design.
  • We’re the only local practice that has a broad range of service offerings, including tax, market data, corporate governance, compliance and communications.
  • We have international reach, which allows us to align reward plans on a global basis.
  • We offer comprehensive pay benchmarking and survey capability.

PwC total rewards services:

  • Total reward strategy, design and implementation
  • Executive and employee compensation programmes
  • Cost-benefit and benchmarking analysis
  • Incentive tax planning advice
  • Job and salary structuring
  • Equity plan services
  • Job analysis and evaluation
  • Traditional and alternative benefits
  • Perquisites and quality-of-work-life programmes

Strategic HR Consulting and communication services

Whether your organisation is a start-up, well established or preparing for an M&A transaction or any other organisational change, our human resources consulting team works with you to define vision, values and strategic goals that guide your people agenda. We help you identify gaps that exist between the requirements of your strategy and employees’ current performance levels.

We also identify people and change management issues that affect the implementation of an effective HR communication strategy. Our solutions don’t simply ‘get a message across’ but help employees engage with and safeguard corporate goals, objectives and reputation.

If this is your situation

  • You need to align HR strategy with business strategy.
  • You want your employees to understand and buy into business goals and objectives.
  • You’re concerned that the key attributes of your organisational culture are not clearly defined.
  • You would like to communicate internally the changes to the overall business strategy that stem from a recent reorganisation, merger and acquisition, or new business venture.
  • You need to communicate effectively the business rationale for recent changes to the current benefits plan and how employees can better use available services.

How PwC can support you

  • We design your HR strategy to address immediate and long-term business needs.
  • We maintain an effective flow of information, which focuses on stimulating behavioural change and innovation and delivering business results.
  • We help you to become an employer of choice and attract and retain talent critical to your business.
  • We develop solutions to assist acceptance during periods of intense change.
  • We identify the macro messages that best describe the company’s financial goals and business strategy.

PwC’s strategic HR consulting and communication services:

  • Strategic planning facilitation
  • Employment branding
  • Change management communications
  • HR programmes and benefits communications
  • Workforce reduction communications
  • Key stakeholder Interviews
  • Employee focus groups facilitation
  • Outplacement advice and counselling

Performance measurement and assessment services

Businesses recognise that intelligent measurement is fundamental to performance improvement. Our performance measurement and assessment services benchmark key HR performance indicators by measuring and reporting on the impact of HR policies and the value that derives from them.

We perform a variety of surveys, which can be customised to your needs to provide meaningful data for internal business decisions or for external benchmarking, either within your industry or broadly. To create sustainable strategic advantage, we work with you to measure and assess existing strengths while targeting areas for improvement.

If this is your situation

  • You need to know which HR policies have direct impact on corporate performance.
  • You want to know if your compensation and benefits plans are competitive to the market.
  • You’re struggling to understand how internal culture dynamics impact employee behaviour and work attitudes.
  • You need to know why turnover rates seem particularly high.
  • You need to identify ways to improve your recruitment and new-hire process.
  • You need to make changes to your current benefits plans to contain anticipated cost rises.

How PwC can support you

  • We offer new ideas and best practices for more effective HR management.
  • We identify areas for increased efficiency by benchmarking against competitors.
  • We provide clear measurement and benchmarking of your employment offering.
  • We provide  data that enables you to reduce unwanted turnover and retain key talent.
  • We provide solutions that transform key stakeholders’ feedback into tangible performance indicators.

PwC’s performance measurement and assessment services:

  • HR business metrics and benchmarking
  • HR risk assessments and audits
  • Compensation surveys
  • Benefits and perquisite surveys
  • Cost-of-living surveys
  • Employee assessment/satisfaction surveys
  • 360 degree surveys
  • New hire and employee retention assessments
  • Exit interviews
  • Organisational culture assessments

Organisational effectiveness and development solutions

Today’s business drivers centre upon improving shareholder value and operational performance. Our organisational effectiveness and development services can help you improve shareholder value and operational performance by strengthening your HR practices. Our approach helps you transform HR programmes and processes, making them supportive and better aligned with overall business strategy.

If this is your situation

  • You have insufficient in-house HR experience, restructuring experience or resources to deal with people issues effectively.
  • Your organisation is going through a period of change or restructuring that impacts current HR policies.
  • You need to design a strategy to develop the talent within your organisation.
  • You’re under pressure to improve HR services to employees, while also justifying or reducing costs.
  • Employees and/or the management team are not meeting their objectives, and this is having an impact on business performance.
  • You need help with getting your employees to work more effectively as a team.

How PwC can support you

  • We help to maximise your ability to maintain business as usual by offering experienced HR support during a transition or growth phase.
  • We enhance the efficiency, effectiveness and overall competitiveness of your people policies and HR programmes.
  • We focus on integrating HR systems within your company’s overall human capital strategy.
  • We work to determine service delivery options that reduce or better manage HR costs.

PwC’s organisational effectiveness and development services:

  • Organisational change and restructuring
  • HR function effectiveness review
  • HR process reengineering
  • Performance management systems design
  • Leadership development and succession planning
  • Team building and development
  • Rewards and incentives planning
  • Learning and development assessment/facilitation
  • Competency modelling


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