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Business Recovery Services - Funds

As a leading provider of fund restructuring and wind-down solutions, our team has extensive experience dealing with fund investors, fund managers, regulators and industry service providers.

PwC in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) controls its affiliated Approved Manager which is regulated by the BVI Financial Services Commission. This entity can act as investment manager, general partner and managing member of various entities in fund structures to enable incumbents to step away and end their SEC registration requirements.

Across the range of investment strategies and corporate and partnership structures, alternative investment vehicles are fundamentally reliant on investor confidence in a fund’s portfolio, management and liquidity position. Where market or other factors adversely affect confidence and liquidity, restructuring often becomes necessary.

PwC in the BVI has experience of providing fund management, fund accounting and investors relations services with a particular strength in resolving illiquid and litigation positions. In many cases, to investors’ benefit, short-term liquidity issues can be overcome through restructuring of capital withdrawals. Where the investment model becomes fundamentally unviable, wind-down may be required.

Our team has extensive experience working with fund managers, investors and their advisors to identify, review and implement appropriate restructuring and wind-down strategies through formal appointments, voluntary liquidations and in an advisory role.

Additionally, where investment funds have reached the end of their natural life, or investment managers seek an exit, a voluntary liquidation process will often be appropriate. We have a dedicated team carrying out the voluntary liquidation of a large number of both single-entity and group voluntary liquidations of corporate and partnership entities each year.