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What impact can continued investment in education make?


Ongoing Education Grantees

National Museum of African American History and Culture

The Foundation continues to support the Museum’s Digital Educational Initiatives online curricula, which will comprise several dozen interactive curricular components for middle and high school students, incorporating the Museum’s exhibitions, collections and videos.

invested as of September 2018 (grant through May 2020)

Photo credit: Alan Karchmer

TIME for Kids Your $

The Foundation continues to support the TIME for Kids Your $ magazine, which has provided fourth, fifth and sixth grade students with a fun, engaging financial education since its inaugural issue in January 2015.


The HistoryMakers

The HistoryMakers completed a four-year initiative to expand and digitize the nation’s largest African-American video oral history archive, adding 2,000 interviews, doubling membership and launching an enhanced website, increasing worldwide access to over 140,000 stories from 2,700 interviewees. This archive can have an immediate and profound impact. One example is how this platform brings role models into the classroom to inspire and empower students’ career interests. As African-Americans are underrepresented in many of the fastest growing fields, having a role model who looks like them can have a positive impact and help encourage them to pursue an interest in a field they might otherwise avoid. Through its collection of 2,000 digitized video oral history archive, The HistoryMakers is inspiring students to pursue growing career fields by bringing role models to the classroom digitally. From Computer Scientist Valerie Taylor, to Environmental Scientist Hattie Carwell, to Mathematician Johnny Houston, and hundreds of other STEM professionals and business leaders, students have access to virtual mentors who are sparking their interest in pursuing careers of the future.

invested as of September 2018 (grant through Apr. 2018)

Feeding America

The Foundation is supporting the Workforce Discovery Project, focused on designing a scalable model to empower underemployed working families by building financial capability, reskilling, and increasing access to education and credentialing for middle skills job pathways.

invested as of September 2018

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