Advisory services

PwC Trinidad & Tobago’s Advisory Service offerings include Deals, Consulting, and Risk Assurance solutions. Our team includes 30+ professionals led by four (4) experienced Partners. We can help you solve important business problems and achieve your objectives, and have provided descriptions of our service offerings below. 


Corporate finance

When you need help raising capital for your company, whether in the private or public arenas, PwC can advise you on everything from origination to execution. We provide you with objective advice in your assessment and navigation of the capital markets life cycle through primary and secondary offerings of equity, debt and hybrid securities.

Structured transactions & capital projects (including public private partnerships)

We have worked on some of the most complex transactions to support the development of infrastructure (PPPs) and for raising financing in Trinidad. In addition we have supported the Government of Trinidad & Tobago on key privatization transactions. If you need to raise capital for a specific project, whether in the public or private sectors, PwC has the global and local industry knowledge, contacts and advice to help you succeed. 

Mergers and acquisitions (M&A)

Employing our worldwide wealth of experience, we can advise you on all aspects of acquisitions, divestitures, mergers, joint venture transactions, privatisations, hostile offers and defences against unsolicited takeover attempts.

Transaction services

For all your corporate and project finance, and M&A transactions, we can offer additional support, input and objectivity. This includes business plans, financial modelling, financial due diligence, valuations and fairness opinions.

Business recovery services

If you’re a stakeholder in a troubled or under-performing business, we can advise you on enhancing viability and recovering your investment as well as help you plan an optimised exit.

Forensic services

We investigate allegations of corruption, fraud, and other forms of corporate wrong doing, Through out international network of firms we also provide asset recovery and corporate intelligence services. We also work together with law enforcement agencies, legal counsel and Boards of Directors to deliver clarity and confidence as we assist clients to prevent, respond to and remediate their  complex legal, regulatory and economic crime business challenges. We also assist clients to collect, store, retrieve and analyse data for investigations, litigation and commercial purposes through our Forensic Technology Services (“FTS”) team, tools, and FTS laboratories.



From formulation to implementation and monitoring, we provide guidance and a framework that maximizes benefits and value.

People and change

Our Human resource (HR) practitioners are here to assist in finding the right people for the job, evaluating suitability, looking at ways to optimise performance through better HR practice/strategy, improving linkage of HR and overall business strategy, performance measurement, compensation management or restructuring.

  • Executive search and selection  is an integral part of the services we offer at PwC and utilises a rigorous executive recruitment and selection process, leveraging modern tools and techniques, that will facilitate proper evaluation and informed decision making.


We can help improve operational excellence through increased efficiencies and cost reduction by advising on shared services, outsourcing, operational structures and initiatives such as customer relationship management, supply chain management and enterprise-wide cost management.


To help improve your performance as it relates to the finance function, we can advise you on how to standardise and simplify your processes, data and systems. In addition we can analyse your value drivers and advise on planning and budgeting, financial reporting and new reporting standards.

Corporate governance

Dealing with governance/compliance outcomes while meeting stakeholder expectations and corporate business objectives can be a challenge. We can help by designing and developing governance and compliance systems that align all these needs.

Technology & data analytics

With a full range of services including IT strategy development, effectiveness reviews, sourcing option considerations, package search and selection, software development, implementation support (including programme and project management), data quality initiatives, data analytics and business intelligence and many more. Our ITE professionals, global specialists, and alliance partners can  help you to maximise your investments in IT.


In today’s global environment we can compare various aspects of your operations with those of other industry players around the globe and in Trinidad  to identify strengths and uncover gaps for improvement.

  • Our team prepared reports that provide valuable insights to inform key human resource decisions and showcases the real value of compensation intelligence for your organisation in a rapidly changing and increasingly competitive labour market. 

We also prepare National Compensation Surveys every two years as Trinidad and Tobago’s labour market is currently experiencing notable disruptions and rapid, pivotal changes. Organisations, now more than ever, need to review, analyse and leverage talent management and compensation insights to position themselves for recovery and growth nationally, regionally and globally.

Risk Assurance Services

Internal audit solutions

Co-sourcing/Full outsourcing services

We can provide you with direct internal audit (IA) services leveraging PwC technical internal audit skills, as well as subject matter and industry knowledge.  We help clients improve the capability, capacity, flexibility, and effectiveness of a company’s internal audit function. We deliver improved risk and audit plan coverage and provide  the flexibility to respond to emerging risk, while reducing overall cost. We raise the value delivered by the IA function, while also increasing the relevance of the IA function within a company so you can focus on your core functions – we provide increased value at reduced cost and rigidity.

Staff augmentation

By providing PwC people to be managed by a company’s own internal audit team we help improve the effectiveness and efficiency of IA by allowing you to gain access to the right resources at the right time, to meet company compliance, operational, financial, and information system assessment needs

IT internal audit

We provide specialist skills to supplement our clients’ IT internal audit needs, which Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of IT internal audits, by utilising the technical and industry-specific knowledge and experience of PwC staff.

Internal audit performance improvement/Strategic reviews

To help improve productivity and effectiveness of an IA department we conduct assessments of IA functions to help reduce cost, improve performance, increase relevance, and develop metrics to drive ongoing improvement. We also assess  the quality of your IA function regarding conformance with IIA standards and benchmark IA performance across key attributes to identify areas for improvement. Such an assessment is required every 5 years under IIA standards.

IT risk assurance solutions

Information security/Cybersecurity & IT risk

By analysing enterprise IT threats and risks through governance, compliance, and identification, while also providing a range of solutions relating to the protection of sensitive personal information is critical in today’s environment.

We help clients understand the frameworks around IT risk, security and data privacy; to enhance an organisation’s ability to safeguard sensitive data. In our recommendations we provide risk reduction strategies for cloud computing, mobile devices, and social media. We assess exposure by performing Attack & Penetration and Security Diagnostic assessments, and we also provide specialised technical expertise to augment Internal Audit teams, and support investigations and responses to security incidents.

Business risk advisory solutions

Enterprise systems risk and controls

We help clients optimally leverage ERP technologies, and their investments in SAP and Oracle solutions by conducting assessments to help manage risks associated with business processes, security, and compliance.  Additionally, we conduct a  holistic assessment of risks that could compromise achievement of an IT project’s desired business and/or control outcomes.

We assess the integration of controls and security during ERP transformation projects to thoroughly enable ERP automation; assess controls optimisation in existing ERP solutions to reduce costs and manual activities; and assess/recommend solutions for ERP application security and controls – including SAP and Oracle security assessments. We enable early identification of key risks and issues to help avoid costly rework or delays. We provide an objective and transparent perspective of risks and realisation of business benefits, and alignment of project scope with business objectives with stakeholder expectations.

Performance assurance solutions

Third party risk assurance and reports over controls and beyond

Through the use of attestation reports (SOC 1, SOC 2, SOC 3, SSAE 16, Agreed Upon Procedures, etc.), we providing transparency to companies over their clients’ outsourced functions/processes that impact their clients’ financial transactions or operational and compliance areas of focus such as security, availability, and Privacy.

We provide assurance/comfort to clients of service organisations utilising attestation reports, and we help reduce the need for client audits and on-site visits. We build trust and drive competitive advantage through transparent controls reporting, and enable compliance with certain contractual commitments and regulatory requirements. 

Business resiliency solutions

Enterprise-wide risk management services

Risk management assessments and implementation assistance

We help clients assess and develop customised frameworks based upon the clients’ unique risk profile and needs, and helping them to efficiently execute their risk management programme. We perform a thorough understanding of enterprise-wide risk profiles; and alignment of risk programmes, metrics, and functions with corporate strategy. We provide a consistent approach to identifying, analysing, and responding to risk; and we transfer of risk management knowledge to clients’ personnel.

Risk assessment (enterprise, business unit, emerging)

We assist clients with their approach, planning, and execution of the risk assessment process. This is performed at the enterprise level, business unit level, and/or focused on emerging risks, for internal audit planning or over strategic business risk identification and mitigation.

Business continuity management (“BCM”) programme assessment

We conduct assessments of the relevant elements of our clients’ business continuity management programme and provide recommendations to strengthen same. We provide pragmatic, actionable, and risk-ranked improvement items and implementation road maps which enhance the client’s business continuity and IT disaster recovery programmes. We support the implementation of BCM, and ensure knowledge transfer and increased confidence of client staff in the performance of BCM activities.

BCM Programme implementation assistance, testing, and maintenance

We develop and facilitate business continuity plans that are aligned with relevant risk. Sustainable business continuity programmes are created and maintained, and are aligned with continuity and crisis management exercises to assess crisis event preparedness. We impart the right knowledge upon business continuity plan owners and those responsible for the program’s maintenance to increase awareness and familiarity with their roles and responsibilities.

Disaster recovery planning

We assist IT with the development of disaster recovery plans surrounding restoring critical IT services, infrastructure and applications. We align the IT disaster recovery program with the organization's requirements for technology resiliency, recoverability, and overall business continuity management. 

Fraud risk mitigation

Fraud risk & controls assessments

We perform fraud risk assessments to identify vulnerability to fraud and perform fraud audits in high risk areas to help detect fraud early. We provide advice on the prevention of fraud and appropriate fraud response measures, to assist with the proactive strengthening of controls to detection of fraud before it becomes a major problem.

We also conduct training workshops on accountability and governance, risk management and fraud awareness.

Regulatory compliance and anti-money laundering

Regulatory compliance assessment

We perform assessments of an entity’s compliance with relevant regulations, particularly in the financial services sector, and provide recommendations for improvement in regulatory compliance procedures and controls.

Corporate compliance program build

We assist clients with the evaluation and build out of their corporate compliance programmes; and we test a new or improved compliance function and support the control environment.

We can also help clients develop policies, guidelines, handbooks, and supporting tools towards strengthening their regulatory environment. 

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