Kofi Boxill

Kofi Boxill

Territory Advisory Services Leader, PwC Trinidad and Tobago

Kofi is an Advisory Services Partner,  and leads PwC Trinidad’s Risk and Controls and Forensics service offerings. Kofi has more than 17 years experience performing a range of risk, assurance and advisory services at multiple organizations in the United States, Trinidad, and throughout the Caribbean Region.

Kofi previously worked at professional services firms in the United States for 10 years, including PwC's Miami office; and also has significant experience in financial due diligence, business valuation, restructuring, and auditing services.  Kofi's prior client portfolio throughout the USA, Latin America and the Caribbean, including a US$9 billion  private equity fund and several multi-national corporations. 

In Trinidad, as the leader of Risk & Controls and Forensics Services, Kofi leads several Internal Audit engagements as a co-sourced or outsourced service provider where he  conducts internal audit assignments designed to test and strengthen  internal controls at several large private and state owned enterprises.

In addition to Internal Audit, under the Risk umbrella, Kofi also leads Informational Technology diagnostics, Cyber Security, Business Continuity Planning, Contract Compliance, and Regulatory Compliance assignments.

As the leader of the Forensics Services practice, Kofi has led the local expansion of this offering

which has resulted in PwC attaining a leadership position in the market for forensic investigations

and Forensic Technology Services. He has led investigations on behalf of the Ministry Of The Attorney General, as well as the Boards of Directors of private and state enterprises, and he has worked closely with local  law enforcement and regulatory agencies.

Kofi is also the Markets, Marketing, and Communications ("MM&C") leader for PwC Trinidad;

and is known for his passion for client service, building and enhancing relationships, and development of people.

Under the MM&C umbrella, Kofi and his team manage the firm's Corporate Social Responsibility ("CSR") efforts.

Kofi is also a Certified Public Accountant ("CPA"), and also holds an MBA in Finance and BBA in Accounting.  He is a member of the American Institute of Certified Public Accountants ("AICPA").

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